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Download of the "Ident profile" S7 block

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Download of the "Ident profile" S7 block

Blocks of the Ident profile (RFID standard profile) for SIMATIC identification systems are available for download below for different engineering systems and controllers.

Almost all RFID and optical readers from SIMATIC Ident can be operated in the same way with the block.

You can find the documentation on the Ident profile here: 109744065 

Additional documentation on SIMOTION:

 Registrierung notwendig  LIdent_SIMOTION_V1.1_de_en.zip (1,6 MB) 


Download for STEP 7 V5.5 (Classic)

Download for TIA Portal

Download for SIMOTION

Download for third-party controllers 4)

V4.0 of the library

For communication modules and readers: RF120C, RF18xC, ASM 456, RF600, MV

Registrierung notwendig Identification_V4p0.zip (72.6 KB)

For TIA Portal V14 upd 1 the library is integrated 3)

Use V2.0 of the library

Use V2.0 of the library

V3.0 of the library 1)

For communication modules and readers: RF120C, RF18xC, ASM 456, RF600, MV

Registrierung notwendig Identification_V3p0.zip (52.4 KB)

For TIA Portal V13 SP1 Upd3

(Library is integrated in the TIA Portal 3) )

Use V2.0 of the library

Use V2.0 of the library

V2.0 of the library 2)

For communication modules and readers: RF120C, RF18xC, ASM 456, RF600, MV

Registrierung notwendig Identification_V2p0.zip (34.3 KB)

For TIA Portal V13 SP1

(Library is integrated in TIA Portal 3) )


Library for Scout as of V4.4

Registrierung notwendig LIdent_SIMOTION_V1_0_0.zip (170.7 KB)

Registrierung notwendig Ident_Profile_V2p0_source.zip (18.2 KB)

V1.19 of the Ident profile 6) (FB101, FB116, FB132).

Necessary for file handlers with the communication modules RF180C, ASM 456

Registrierung notwendig Baust_RFID_Profil_v1p19.zip (730.8 KB)

For TIA Portal V13

Registrierung notwendig Identification_zal13.zip (11.2 MB)

For TIA Portal V14 and highter

 Registrierung notwendig  Identification_V14.zip (7,9 MB)


Integrated in SCOUT

Registrierung notwendig pib-v1p19_source.zip (74.1 KB)

Based on FB101 5)

  1. V3.0 of the library contains the Ident profile block with version V2.1.
    Innovations in V3.0 as compared to V2.0:
    The CPU no longer goes to Stop mode when the Ident profile is called and no reader is connected.

  2. V2.0 of the library contains the Ident profile block with version V2.0.

  3. You can find the library blocks in the TIA Portal under "Instructions" -> "Optional packages" -> "SIMATIC Ident".
    A migration guide for migrating from the block version V1.0.x to V2.0 and higher is available in section 3.5.1 of the Identification manual

  4. The download contains the source file in SCL for use in third-party controllers. This must be compiled for the respective controller.

  5. The source is based on FB101 and therefore has a maximum data length of 1 KB. The maximum data length can be edited in the source to enable greater max. data lengths.

  6. You will find additional documentation here for version V1.19 with the file handler function: 23119251

Limited operation with WinAC

For the operation with WinAC at the PROFIBUS you require RTX 2010 SP2 Update 4 (V4.6). This update can be obtained by means of a service request from the technical support.

Essential new features in Version V4.0:

The library V4.0 contains the Ident profile with the Version V3.0 with the following extensions

  • Write command was acknowledged sporadically with 0xDE80A700. Afterwards operation was not possible for a longer period.

  • Sequence number error when loading the device configuration has been eliminated

  • The data buffers IDENT_DATA, TXREF and RXREF have to be supplied with values so that the block can be loaded.

  • Range length error after change of the IP address of a PN-IO device has been eliminated

  • Command repetition with the Ident profile and RF600 readers has been released

  • Ident profile functions again with S7-400

  • Operation with WinAC at the PROFIBUS is approved as of Update 4 of RTX 2010 SP2

  • The online help for the blocks of the Ident profile has been improved

  • CMD_REF now has the data type ANY/Variant -> this means that up to 100 concatenated commands are possible. If a chain with more than 100 commands is started, the block removes the chained bit at the 100th command. The block behaves as in the past when only an array of 10 commands could be created, with the difference that the limit is now 100 commands.

  • Access error to the process image of the device is not displayed until at the command start.

  • The "Advanced_CMD" block has received a new parameter CMDSEL. This means that the Advanced_CMD block now functions exactly as flexibly as the Ident profile at the command selection.

  • If LEN_ID is greater than 0, the EPC-ID is written into the telegram at reader status

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