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SIMOTICS S-1FG1: Commissioning of a servo gear motor

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The SIMOTICS S-1FG1 servo gear motor is available as of SINAMICS S120 firmware V4.7. The limitations (speed, torque) of the motor and of the load gearbox must be considered for the configuring and the commissioning.

What must be considered for commissioning a SIMOTICS S-1FG1 with SINAMICS S120 firmware V4.7?

The fast commissioning of the SINAMICS S120 Servo drive in firmware V4.7 does not yet support the selection of the mounted load gearbox. Consequently, the drive cannot consider automatically the mechanical gearbox limitations.
STARTER, Version V4.4, Drives  à  Configuration  à  Wizard function is affected.

Therefore, proceed as follows for the commissioning:


  • In the STARTER wizard (fast commissioning), select a motor with DRIVE-CLiQ interface in the "Motor" screen.
  • A download of the project to the Control Unit causes the motor and encoder data of the connected 1FG1 servo gear motor to be imported.
  • In the expert list, the maximum speed p1082 must be set to a value less than or equal to the rated speed n1max specified on the nameplate.
  • The absolute value of the upper torque limit p1520 and the lower torque limit p1521 may not be larger than the maximum torque M1max.
    Take these torque limits from an additional nameplate which is enclosed to the motor.
  • The backup of the project is made in the next step.
  • If the EPOS function is used, the transmission ratio specified on the nameplate must also be entered.


As of SINAMICS S120 firmware V4.8, the gearbox information speed and trque limit is also exported via DRIVE-CLiQ and so considered automatically in the drive.
You must still enter the gearbox factor (p2504,p2505) manually when using the EPOS function.

Tool support

  • Quick commissioning (with DRIVE-CLiQ) is supported by STARTER or SCOUT from version V4.4. No support by V4.3 or before.
  • Commissioning without DRIVE-CLiQ by selection in the motor list is supported from SINAMICS V4.8 (correspond to STARTER/SCOUT V4.5, SINUMERIK V4.8).

Example: Rating plate 1FG1 (standard)

Rating plate 1FG1 (standard)


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