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SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter

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The standard application SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter offers the possibility to program kinematic systems with G-Code. The following functions are provided: 3D interpolation, kinematic transformation, M-functions / R-parameters, management of G-Code programs, example projects for SIMOTION and HMI.

G-Code is a widely-used language for the programming of motion. Programming in G-Code is always advantageous when kinematic systems are to traverse a defined contour. The G-Code commands are exported by suitable (CAD) - software or defined by manual programming. The resulting program files are stored and managed locally on the SIMOTION memory card.

For this task the standard application SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter can be used. The application offers the following functions:

  • 3D – interpolation
  • Polynomial interpolation
  • G-Code programing (DIN 66 025)
  • Constant path velocity
  • Path synchronous motion and positioning of one auxiliary axis
  • Tool radius and length compensation
  • Tangetial control
  • M-functions / R-parameters, external and user variables
  • Storage of ASCII-formatted G-Code files on memory card (incl. file management)
  • Pre-processor for substitutions in G-Code
  • Multiple kinematics running on a SIMOTION device possible
  • Advanced control structures for programming
  • Mathematical functions for programming

For more features check the software documentation.

 Registrierung notwendig  Changelog_en_V3.2.0 (1,4 MB)
       Manual SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter 03/2018 (3,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  SIMOTION G-Code V3.2.0 (18,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  LGCode_V3_2_0.zip (2,7 MB) 

The application example is delivered as TIA Portal project including the devices SIMOTION D425-2 and SIMATIC HMI KTP 900 F. The HMI provides a full-blown interface to SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter to demonstrate its complete functionality.

Using this demo example one can easily understand the functioning of SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter .

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