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Active Field Distributor SIMATIC AFDiSD with extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA available for delivery

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The Active Field Distributor SIMATIC AFDiSD with extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA is now available. The SIMATIC AFDiSD is a fully compatible spare part for the previously offered SIMATIC AFDiS (6ES7157-0AG83-0XA0) and will substitute this model.

Product features

The active field distributor AFDiSD (Active Field Distributor intrinsically Safe with extended fieldbus diagnostics) can be operated in environments in accordance with Ex zone 1/21 and 2/22. It can integrate up to 6 intrinsically-safe PA (PROFIBUS PA) or FF (FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1) field devices into a fieldbus segment (line/ring) via its intrinsically-safe, short-circuit-proof spur line connections. Extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA is available as an option for the SIMATIC AFDiSD; it is fully integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.

Advantages when using the SIMATIC AFDiSD in PROFIBUS PA

  • Faster plant startup
    • Less planning/engineering/documentation required
    • System-supported commissioning and troubleshooting (Commissioning wizard)
    • Avoidance of installation errors
  • Higher productivity-reduced plant downtimes
    • Higher availability and fault tolerance due to ring redundancy
    • Preventive maintenance with extended fieldbus diagnostics (e.g. detect aging of a field device, etc.)

    • Automatic recognition and isolation of errors

  • Increased flexibility
    • Can be replaced or expanded during operation
    • Multiple process values over one cable (e.g. manipulated variable and feedback value over one cable)
  • Cost savings
    • Full integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PDM without additional work
    • Smaller cabling overhead and less space required
    • Complex calculations for Ex can be omitted (FISCO model)

Integration in SIMATIC PCS 7

The SIMATIC AFDiSD can be seamlessly integrated into the SIMATIC PCS7 process control system. Diagnostic information and configured maintenance information is available for the entire fieldbus installation through the SIMATIC PCS7 Maintenance Station. SIMATIC PCS 7 generates the diagnostics screens automatically.

System requirements


  • IM 153-2 High Feature Outdoor (6ES7153-2BA70-0XB0)
  • Field Device CouplerFDC 157 (6ES7157-0AC85-0XA0)

  • Active Field Distributor SIMATIC AFDiSD (6ES7655-5DX60-1BB0)


  • System software SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.1 or higher
  • SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.5 SP4 with HSP246 V3.0 or higher (for IM 153-2), HSP253 (for Field Device Coupler FDC 157)
  • SIMATIC PDM V8.2 or higher

Device description

You need the current device description (EDD) of the AFDiSD to use the extended fieldbus diagnostics. It is part of the device description library "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 2#2015" that is supplied together with SIMATIC PDM V9.0 on DVD. Alternatively, the EDD is available for download in the following entry:109482065.

Activation of the extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA

When you set the switch marked in the figure below to "D", you can activate the extended fieldbus diagnostics of the SIMATIC AFDiSD with the help of the integrated commissioning wizard.

In switch position "C", SIMATIC AFDiSD is fully spare part compatible with the SIMATIC AFDiS.

Information and documentation

For additional information on the Active Field Distributor AFDiSD as well as the topic "Extended fieldbus diagnostics" see:

Ordering data

DesignationArticle number

Active Field Distributor SIMATIC AFDiSD
with 6 short-circuit proof spur line connections for the integration of standard-compliant intrinsically-safe PA or FF field devices;
Optional: Extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA

Sealing caps
for unused connections on AFDiSD (10 units)



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