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Software SecureDisplay for legal-for-trade display

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There is software available for the legal-for-trade display for calibratable SIWAREX weighing electronics. Windows based operator panels (e.g. SIMATIC comfort touch panels) can be used. SIMATIC basic and key panels cannot be used. Additionally the used SIMATIC CPU must have an Ethernet port. Ethernet-CPs cannot be used.
In case of SIWAREX WP231 and WP251, SecureDisplay can directly communicate via the SIWAREX Ethernet port directly. The SIWAREX IP address needs to be in the same network like the HMI. In this case the use of the SecureDisplay communication blocks is not required any more.
The download file contains the software and the respective documentation.
Further information about the use of SIWAREX electronics refer to the respective manuals.

  SecureDisplay.zip (10,7 MB)

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