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SINAMICS S120: Linear flying saw application with DCB extension

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For processes involving continuous material motion, to be able to cut products into defined lengths, it is important that the cutting unit is synchronized to the material motion during cutting. The unit has to do a positioning back to the starting point after the cut. This functionality was implemented in the flying saw application.

Typically, a flying saw comprises a sledge equipped with a knife or saw, which cuts a material web, generally in identically large sections (formats).
The linear flying saw synchronizes position controlled from a starting position to the material, moves with synchronous velocity and moves back to the starting position after cutting. From the start position the next synchronization can be started. The saw is synchronized with the material using the position sensing function of an upstream feed drive or using a measuring wheel.

Possible Leading Value Sources

  • Speed Controlled Leading Axis
  • Measuring Wheel (e.g. Leading Value Encoder)
  • Leading Value Simulation


  • Real leading axis / measuring wheel
  • Virtual leading axis / test operation
  • Measuring wheel correction
  • Mode for non-specified format length
  • Software limit switch
  • Hardware limit switch
  • Traversing to maintenance position
  • Jogging
  • Various operating modes for cuts
  • Creating a gap
  • Clamping function
  • Cut counter
  • Flying homing
  • Homing
  • Print mark correction on the leading axis side
  • Dead time compensation

  Presentation Flying Saw (1,3 MB)
  Manual Flying Saw V6.0 (12,9 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Software Flying Saw V6.0 (13,8 MB)

For control of this application the SIMATIC library LMCSINA is available
To control the flying saw application via S7-1200/1500 CPU, use the separate available SIMATIC S7 block 'LMCSINA_FlyingSawFB' 109479491

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Additional keywords
motioncontrol_apc_applications, flying knife, Fliegendes Messer, GMC-Bibliothek, GMC library, DCB Extension

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