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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109477746, Entry date: 08/02/2018

SINAMICS S120: Cross-cutter application with DCB extension

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For processes involving continuous material motion, to be able to cut products into defined lengths, it is important that the cutting unit is synchronized to the material motion during cutting. Further, between cutting operations, compensating motion must be executed between cutting steps, corresponding to the product length. This functionality was implemented in the cross-cutter application.

Typically, a cross-cutter comprises a rotating roll equipped with a knife, which cuts a material web transverse to the direction of motion, generally in identically large sections (formats).

In order to allow various cut lengths (formats), the knife drive must have a motion profile, which during the cut moves the knife in synchronism with the belt – and outside the cutting range specifies suitable deceleration or acceleration rates before the velocity is synchronized again with the belt for the next cut. The saw is synchronized with the material using the position sensing function of an upstream feed drive or using a measuring wheel.

Possible Leading Value Sources

• Speed Controlled Leading Axis

• Measuring Wheel (e.g. Leading Value Encoder)

• Leading Value Simulation


• Various cutting modes

• Print mark correction

• Overspeed during cut

• Cutting curve

• Material Thickness Compensation

• Torque precontrol

• Multi-knife systems

• Traversing to maintenance position

• Jogging

• Various Homing modes

• Dead time compensation


For control of this application the SIMATIC library LMCSINA is available
To control the crosscutter application via S7-1200/1500 CPU, use the separate available SIMATIC S7 block 'LMCSINA_CrosscutterFB' 109479491

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