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Sales Release CP 1243-8 IRC for SINAUT ST7

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The communications processor CP 1243-8 IRC for SINAUT ST7 for operation of a SIMATIC S7-1200 in the TeleControl Professional system is released for sale. Delivery release is scheduled for August 2015.

1. Product description

The communication capabilities of the SIMATIC S7-1200 automation system are being expanded by the SINAUT ST7 telecontrol protocol. The S7-1200 can now be used as remote terminal unit (RTU) in existing ST7 plants or in new plants with ST7. SIMATIC S7-1200 is connected to the higher-level station or to the control system using the communications processor CP 1243-8 IRC (Industrial Remote Communication).

Properties and functions

  • The communications processor CP 1243-8 IRC is used to connect a SIMATIC S7-1200 to a higher-level station (nodes or master) or a control system via the telecontrol protocol SINAUT ST7.
  • The CP 1243-8 IRC has two WAN interfaces:
  • The CP 1243-8 IRC has an RJ45 interface for Ethernet communication (IP-based).
  • A second WAN interface can also be configured via TS modules*), whereby the following TS modules are available: serial RS232, dial-up modems (analog/POTS, ISDN and GSM).
  • Alternatively, the CP 1243-8 IRC can handle communication through one of the two interfaces. However, both interfaces can also be operated simultaneously.

Additional highlights of the CP 1243-8 IRC include:

Data point configuration

Web server access and firmware update


Data to be transferred is configured without additional programming

Access to Web server of CPU via WAN interface for diagnostics and for firmware update of the station

Secure transmission of process data via IPSec and access protection via firewall

Email and SMS for interrupts

Buffering of process data

Open User Communication

Simple configuration of event-driven interrupts for fast notification when problems arise

A buffer for up to 16,000 data frames ensures continuous recording of data in the event of a connection failure

Open communication of S7-1200 (T blocks) via WAN interface

*) For information about TS modules (TeleService modules), refer to http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/en/51045832.

Technical requirements / compatibility

  • CPU: An S7-1200 CPU, firmware version V4.1 or higher, is required for operation.
  • Configuration:
  • Two engineering tools are required to configure the CP 1243-8 IRC, as SINAUT ST7 is not yet supported in the TIA Portal.
  • Use STEP 7 V13 SP1 Support Package 0111 for the hardware configuration of the CP 1243-8 IRC.
  • The SINAUT Engineering Software V5.5 is used to configure the connection-specific SINAUT parameters (configuration of connection) (https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/de/ps/15928/pm).
  • A transfer file generated by the SINAUT engineering software makes these connection parameters available to the TIA Portal in the form of SDBs.
  • Control center: The appropriate SINAUT ST7cc or PCS 7 TeleControl control center software is required to connect the control center with WinCC or PCS7. SINAUT ST7sc is available for connecting to external systems.

2. Ordering data

Product name

Order number

CP 1243-8 IRC


3. Purpose of the application

By using the new CP 1243-8 IRC, the S7-1200 can be used as a remote terminal unit (substation) in ST7 telecontrol applications. Typical areas of application include water/wastewater, oil and gas, but also other telecontrol areas such as rail control technology, wind power systems and traffic control systems.

The CP 1243-8 IRC can be integrated into both existing ST7 plants and into new plants with ST7.


Oil and gas

Traffic control systems

Configuration examples with CP 1243-8 IRC

Example 1: Expansion of an existing plant, connection via Ethernet

Example 2: Redundant transmission paths, IP and dedicated line

Example 3: Data transmission over GPRS and Internet.

4. Technical specifications

Product name

CP 1243-8 IRC

· Article number


Transmission rate

· with Industrial Ethernet

10 to 100 Mbps

· with WAN interface 2 to connect a TS module

0.3 to 115.2 kbps


· Ethernet

RJ45 port

· WAN interface 2 to connect a TS module

Connection of a TS Module RS232 or TS Module MODEM or TS Module ISDN or TS Module GSM

· Note

Route redundancy: Ethernet and WAN interface 2 can be operated simultaneously using TS modules

Supply voltage

24 V DC (external), 3-pole plug-in terminal block

when using a TS module

· 5 V DC from S7-1200-backplane bus

without TS module

Current consumption (typical)

· from 24 V DC (external)

100 mA

· from S7-1200 backplane bus

250 mA

Effective power loss (typical)

· from 24 V DC (external) with TS module

2.40 W

· from S7-1200 backplane bus (without TS module)

1.25 W


· Module format

Compact module S7-1200, single width

· Width / Height / Depth

30 mm / 110 mm / 75 mm

· Fastening method

35 mm standard mounting rail or wall mounting

· Number of components CP 1243-8 IRC per CPU


· Number of TS modules that can be inserted per CP 1243-8 IRC


Ambient conditions

· during transport / storage

- 40 °C to +70 °C

· during operation in horizontal installation

- 20 °C to +70 °C

· during operation in vertical installation

- 20 °C to +60 °C

· Degree of protection


Performance data / Telecontrol

· Protocols supported


· Suitability for use as:

- Control center


- Node station


- Substation (RTU)


· Control center connection

SINAUT ST7cc, PCS 7 TeleControl or SINAUT ST7sc

· Data buffering if connection is broken

Yes. 16,000 data frames

Configuration software

STEP 7 V13 SP1 HSP0111

SINAUT Engineering-Software V5.5

Security properties

· Firewall configuration

Stateful inspection

· VPN connection


· Number of possible VPN connections


· MSC client over Ethernet


· MSC client over MSC-capable modem (RS-232)


5. Miscellaneous

Expected date of release for delivery: August 2015

Configuration example with CPU 1211C and TS Module RS-232 (6ES7972-0MS00-0XA0)

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