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Industrial Identification with SIMATIC Ident in the Siemens Industry Online Support

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Industrial Identification with SIMATIC Ident in the Siemens Industry Online Support: Products, sample applications, block libraries, FAQs, manuals, performance measurements and much more.

Introducing SIMATIC Ident in the Siemens Industry Online Support

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In the modern world of automated industrial plants, industrial identification systems (IID) play an important role. Siemens Industry provides the right solution for every sector - from a single source. With the SIMATIC Ident product portfolio you know exactly what's going on in your production or supply chains, can plan reliably and optimize your processes.

The SIMATIC product portfolio provides two extensive industrial identification options:

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Optical identification

Product overview: SIMATIC Ident

Below is an overview of the current SIMATIC product series concerning IID:
  • RFID

SIMATIC RF200   - HF Reader for the middle performance range
SIMATIC RF300   - HF Reader with fast data capture and shortened clock times
SIMATIC RF600   - UHF Reader for maximum performance and long distances
SIMATIC RF1000 - HF Reader for ccess control for machinery and equipment

  • Optical identification
    Stationary optical readers:
SIMATIC MV420 - 1D/2D code reader device
SIMATIC MV440 - 1D/2 code reader device with object and text recognition (OCR) and verification
SIMATIC MV540 - 1D/2D code reader device - (800x600; 1280x1024) px
SIMATIC MV550 - 1D/2D code reader device with additional GigE interface (diagnostics, IT server) - (800x600; 1280x1024) px
SIMATIC MV560 - 1D/2D code reader device with additional GigE interface (diagnostics, IT server) - (1920x1200; 2592x2048) px

Hand-held optical barcode readers:
SIMATIC MV320 - 1D/2D code reader device
SIMATIC MV325 - 1D/2D code reader device with wireless communication

  • Communication modules / Interface modules
SIMATIC RF170C- for distributed IO system ET 200pro
SIMATIC RF180C / RF182C- for PROFINET / Ethernet TCP/IP
SIMATIC (RF185C, RF186C/CI, RF188C/CI) - for PROFINET / Ethernet TCP/IP
ASM475- for SIMATIC S7-300 and ET 200M

A general overview of the world of SIMATIC identification systems is available at this link:

Configuration Guide and SITRAIN Courses

A large number of products also means a large number of connection and combination options. Find out which transponders are best suited for your SIMATIC readers. Learn how to select the right objective for your SIMATIC code reader device. What are the options for integrating your SIMATIC identification system into your automation or IT environment? The SIMATIC Ident Configuration Guideprovides all this information and much more. The following link takes you directly to the guide:

SIMATIC Ident Configuration Guide

Blocks and programs for controlling and configuring SIMATIC Ident

Siemens Industry Online Support provides you with numerous prepared blocks and programs for controlling your SIMATIC identification systems. There are the basic function blocks FB45, FB55,FB79 andFB101 (Ident Profile) to run your SIMATIC identification systems via a SIMATIC S7 controller. In the current TIA Portal and on the current hardware it is recommended to use the Ident Profile and the Ident instructions.
Below is a list of useful blocks ready for downloading:

  • Block libraries

  • Useful tools and programs

Other blocks, tools, programs and documentation are available on our SIMATIC RF DVD.

Application examples

The Siemens Industry Online Support provides different sample applications for the SIMATIC identification systems. You can use these free of charge for learning. However, you can also set up your own sample applications to simplify and extend your automation solutions. Below is a list of the current sample applications:

  • RFID:
RFID Basic Examples
SIMATIC RF650M data synchronization
RFID connection via ET 200 serial communication modules
Reading and Writing RFID data with SIMATIC RF200 IO-Link readers and SIMATIC S7 controllers
Operation of RFID Systems via Communication Module RF 180C (PROFINET RT) on Windows-based Systems
Automatic Identification with SIMATIC RF620R and SIMATIC MV440/MV420 Code Reader
User Login to Operator Panels with RFID Card Reader
Logging User Data by means of RFID with the SIMATIC S7-1200 (Set 13)
Reading and Writing RFID Data with SIMATIC S7-300/400 and SIMATIC RF670R
Utilization of RFID systems in the PCS 7 environment
Simple Communication between SIMATIC RF160C and SIMATIC S7 Controllers
.NET application for the SIMATIC RF350M with WiFi connection (inclusive SDK)

  • Optical identification:
Communication of a SIMATIC MV400 to a S7-1500 via PROFINET/IE
Automatic Identification with SIMATIC RF620R and SIMATIC MV440/MV420 Code Reader
SIMOTION code reading
Industrial Identification with SIMATIC MV320 and MV340 via RF170C

Performance measurements for SIMATIC RFID

The Siemens Industry Online Support provides numerous performance measurements and data. If you are interested to know how quickly diverse SIMATIC RFID system combinations transfer and process transponder data, take a look at our recorded performance data:

Determining the transmission time for typical RFID configurations between S7 stations and transponder


Below is a list of the main manuals for in-depth information about setup, wiring and how to use your SIMATIC identification system. The manuals also include certificates, ordering data, extension hardware, installation guidelines and much more.

  • RFID
SIMATIC Ident RFID systems SIMATIC RF200 IO-Link V1.1
SIMATIC Ident RFID systems SIMATIC RF600 - (System Manual)
SIMATIC Ident RFID systems SIMATIC RF600 - (Configuration Manual)
SIMATIC Ident RFID systems FB 45 for MOBY U, MOBY D, RF200, RF300 Function Manual
SIMATIC Ident RFID systems Product information on "Ident profile and Ident blocks" and "RFID standard profile"
SIMATIC Ident RFID Communication Modules

  • Optical Identification
SIMATIC Ident Code Reader Systems SIMATIC MV420 / SIMATIC MV440 Operating Instructions
SIMATIC Ident Handheld reading systems SIMATIC MV320 / SIMATIC MV325 Operating Instructions (incl. Firmware 820)
SIMATIC Ident Optical Identification SIMATIC MV500 - (Operating Instructions)
SIMATIC Ident Optical identification SIMATIC MV500 - (Operating Manual)

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the currently Most Frequently Asked Questions about IID:

How do you configure the module parameters and address the HW_CONNECT variable to connect the RF180C/ ASM456 to the S7-1200/ S7-1500 CPU with the "Ident Instructions" block library?
How do you operate and parameterize the MV420/MV440 code reading system directly on a SIMATIC S7-CPU using PROFINET without an interface module?
Why can the HTML pages no longer be displayed in "Install" mode of the SIMATIC camera systems VS130, MV420 and MV440?
How do you connect the MV440 sensor to an S7-300 controller using ASM456?
Why does the RF200/RF300 reader not recognize the transponder despite correct init run (RESET)?
How do you perform a firmware update on an MV420/440?
Which communication modules are available for connecting the MOBY U identification system to the automation level?
How can I resolve an "SFC" type conflict in projects with protected blocks in TIA Portal V13?
What are the options for backing up/restoring the configuration of the SIMATIC RF600 readers RF650R, RF680R and RF685R?
What should you watch out for when using an ASM456 in a Y-link (IM153)?

In order to keep yourself up to date you can browse through the latest FAQs at any time yourself. In addition you can have the latest information delivered automatically via the Newsletter.

SIMATIC Ident Forum

Do you want to communicate with other users via SIMATIC Ident? Do you have special questions about IID? Are you looking for help or want to exchange experiences with other SIMATIC Ident users and experts? Just take a look into our forum.

SIMATIC Ident Forum


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