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SIMOCODE pro V: Prevention of Pump Blockages by Changing the Direction of Rotation

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In many cases, blockages in the conveying flow of wastewater pumps can be cleared by short-term reversal of the conveying direction – if necessary multiple times. SIMOCODE pro V motor control devices detect imminent blockages and clear them by automatically changing the direction of rotation multiple times.

Blockages of pumps, sieves or screens caused by solids are a major problem in conveying wastewater. In the worst-case scenario, this can result in flooded tanks, unwanted water leakage or motor failures. What is at least required is unscheduled work to manually clear the blockages.

Using a connected current/voltage measuring module, the SIMOCODE pro V motor management and control devices can detect irregularities in the conveying flow in the form of overload or underload of the drive by evaluating the motor current imax and the power factor cos φ.
The basic parameterization of the SIMOCODE device corresponds to a reversing starter. By means of appropriate interconnections of the SIMOCODE pro V’s logic blocks, automatic reversals are performed when there is a fault in the conveying flow. These brief travels in the opposite direction are suitable for clearing imminent blockages so that an irreversible or complete blockage of the conveying flow does not occur.

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