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SINAMICS & SIMOTICS S/M/L/T Motion Control Motors: Discontinuation of the KTY84-130 temperature sensor

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Discontinuation of the KTY84-130 temperature sensor / Impact on SIMOTICS motors for Motion Control, motor spindles (Fa. Weiss) SINAMICS, SINUMERIK, SIMOTION

Manufacturer NXP has announced that it will discontinue the production of the KTY84-130 temperature sensor at the end of this calendar year. NXP product discontinuation KTY84-130

This affects all manufacturers who are using this type of temperature sensor in their products. In the domain of motion control, KTY84-130 is used in motors, and being widely established it guarantees good interoperability between motors, inverters and control systems across all manufacturers.

In the future, we will install Pt1000 in our motors and provide motors and spare parts equipped with KTY84-130 according to our spare parts service guidelines.

Correspondingly, in future software releases, in addition to KTY84-130, our inverters will increasingly support Pt1000 as well, before change of motors.

  KTY-PT1000--Migration-EN.pdf (288,8 KB)
  KTY-PT1000--Comparison-of-Characteristics-EN.pdf (30,5 KB) 
  KTY-PT1000--Information-EN.pdf (1,5 MB)

For detailed Information refer to attachement and 109478077.

Update 02/2017:
  KTY-Pt1000--Information-EN--Update-02-2017.pdf (308,9 KB)

Update 06/2017:
  KTY-Pt1000--Information-EN--Update-06-2017.pdf (312,0 KB)

Update 10/2017:
  Overview-published-Product-notes--10-2017.pdf (197,1 KB)

Update 08/2019:
The roadmap has been updated
  KTY-Pt1000--Roadmap--Update--EN--2019-08-07.pdf (195,3 KB)

Update 12/2019:
Update of these files
  KTY-Pt1000--Roadmap--Update--EN--2019-12-09.pdf (334,3 KB)
  Overview-published-Product-notes.pdf (293,5 KB)

Update 07/2020:
Update of these file
  KTY-Pt1000--Roadmap--Update--EN--2020-07-01.pdf (318,0 KB)

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