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SIMATIC S7 Library for the Simple Configuration of PROFIenergy

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PE_CTRL gives you a library which enables easy and efficient use of PROFIenergy. PE_CTRL uses the PE_WoL block (“Wake on LAN”) which reads all of the PROFIenergy information of any devices connected at the PROFINET line.

Even when production has been stopped, the sensors and actuators distributed in the plant consume considerable amounts of energy in idle mode as well. This "standby power" is to be measured and reduced using simple means.

PROFIenergy is a protocol defined by the PROFINET user organization. It provides the prerequisites for a vendor-independent system that can be generally used to switch off individual loads or entire production units flexibly, on short notice and intelligently. Furthermore, specific consumption measurement parameters can be read out. SIEMENS supports PROFIenergy with various automation components in the automation system SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC HMI.

This block library includes the tested code with well-defined interfaces for simple integration and configuration of the PROFIenergy function. They can be used as a basis for your task to be implemented.

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Documentation and example project

  Documentation (1,9 MB)
Registration necessary Library PE_CTRL for STEP 7 V13 SP1 (3.9 MB)
Registration necessary Example project for PE_CTRL (4.7 MB)


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