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Sample project for the PROFINET Driver for Controller

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This application example shows you how to implement a PROFINET controller on a standard PC using the PN Driver for Controller.

This application example shows you how to create an executable PN controller with the aid of the PN Driver C/C++ libraries and an XML hardware configuration generated by TIA Portal. In the example, the controller controls a virtual automatic baking machine that consists of multiple PN devices. The program is implemented as a simple console application.


Using the documented source code, the example shows you
  • how to control a SINAMICS drive
  • how to read in digital and analog signals of an ET 200SP
  • how to control a PROFINET KP8 PN Key Panel
  • and how to handle alarm and interrupt events

In addition, the documentation includes a user guide that shows all the steps you need to quickly and conveniently create a PROFINET application in Windows. 

An original PN Driver for Controller is required to run this application.

Documentation and Sample Project 
  PROFINET Driver for Controller (1,1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project for STEP 7 V12 & C-Source Code (562,5 KB)




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