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Communication with S7-CPU via M-Bus Gateway

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This application example shows, how to configure a communication between SIMATIC PLC and a M-Bus network with a gateway.

Gateways enable the communication between two networks that use different communication protocols. M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a network protocol used in transfering data from consumption meters.
The task is to create a communication connection between a SIMATIC PLC via PROFINET interface using a M-Bus gateway. The objective of this document is to discuss the gateway suitable for this task and how the configuration between SIMATIC PLC and the gateway is realized.

Picture 01

An S7-1200 CPU is used in place of all SIMATIC PLCs. The layout diagram below shows the most important components of the solution for the communication between an S7-1200 CPU and the “UGW//micro PROFINET MBUS” gateway by MBS GmbH.


Picture 02


The application presented here offers the following advantages:
  • The application example can simply be adjusted to other controller families.
  • The application example can be simply adjusted for plant expansions.
  • The tools for configuring and commissioning for the gateway are onboard (Webserver).

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