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SIDOOR AT40 RELAY und SIDOOR AT40 CAN Firmware V1.43

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FW update: V1.40 to V1.43

Scope and purpose:

This document provides an overview of the functions and release status of firmware for
the products SIDOOR AT40 RELAY and SIDOOR AT40 CAN with product version AT40 V1.43.
Both products contain the same firmware.
The firmware is downward compatible.

New functionality:

  1. Safety mechanism "Motor overload"

    The oscillation protection function was replaced by the "Motor overload"
    safety mechanism.
a.) Distance-dependent part

Five motion changes within a 10 cm path are tolerated.
The motion change is detected after a path of 4 mm.

b.) Status-dependent part

A distinction is made here between Normal and Init mode:
b1.) Normal mode

Five "escape attempts" are tolerated in Normal mode.
An escape attempt means that the door oscillates between the blockage CLOSED
and the blockage OPEN and cannot go to the end position
after reversing.

b2.) Init mode

Five initialization runs are tolerated in Init mode.
This means that the door has five attempts to go through the learned
door width. Status transitions between
Closed->Stop->Closed and Open->Stop->Open also count here.

c.) Reset part

Five resets in 100 s are tolerated. The time between two resets therefore
needs to be ≥ 20 s. It is assumed that the reset
takes place on acceleration ("start") of the door -> power supply error should be
caught in this way.

  1. Light barrier function via CANopen.

CANopen TPDO 268, 270 and 272 inserted.
The TPDO description is in CiA417.



The update can only be performed on the door controller SIDOOR AT40 RELAY (6FB1111-0AT10-3AT2) and SIDOOR AT40 CAN (6FB1111-1AT10-3AT3) .

The SIDOOR Software Kit (6FB1105-0AT01-6SW0)) is required for the download.


 Registrierung notwendig  FW_AT40_V01.43.zip (182,6 KB) 



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