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Safety Applications with S7-1200 FC CPU

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The document contains a total of 24 scenarios for safety door and emergency stop applications. An F-block for the direct use of an S7-1200 FC CPU is available to you for each scenario. In addition to the easy use of the S7-1200 FC CPU, the document also explains what has to be considered to achieve a specific PL/SIL.

Safety doors and emergency stop buttons are typical examples of safety components and installed in a large number of applications, for example when using a cutting machine. 

Example of a field of application for a safety door and an emergency stop button

Risk analysis and assessment are generally followed by questions regarding implementation – to achieve the required  PL according to ISO 13849 or SIL according to IEC 62061 (wiring, engineering, etc.).

This is the starting point of this application example. Using a modular structure, it shows the basic procedure for implementing a safety-related application.

The application example separately examines safety door (with and without guard locking), emergency stop and various combinations.

For all the applications shown in this application example, we have prepared solutions for PL c/SIL 1, PL d/SIL 2 and PL e/SIL 3. Each individual application is implemented within a safety-related function block.

We have prepared a total of 24 applications for you. All 24 F-blocks are clearly stored in a block library. This allows you to integrate an F-block into your custom STEP 7 project (TIA Portal) and customize it to your requirements. Or you can directly download the hardware configuration that is provided as well.

The S7-1200 FC CPU is the ideal controller to implement simple stand-alone solutions. Decentralized solutions are also possible. This application example shows this with a SINAMICS G120 connected via PROFIsafe.

S7-1200 FC CPU

In contrast to purely hardware-based solutions, the S7-1200 FC CPU – aside from easy operation – offers convenient diagnostic capabilities that significantly increase the availability of your application. And last but not least:  Engineering of the S7-1200 FC CPU is performed based on the TIA Portal automation platform. This allows you to access all the advantages of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA): TIA Portal is designed for efficiency, intuitive operation and future viability. It allows you to solve all the engineering tasks of automation and drive technology.

Block Library, Documentation and SET-Files
The ZIP file "STEP 7 V15 Block Library" contains the block library with 24 F-blocks for 24 user scenarios for emergency stop and safety door.

For each of the 24 user scenarios, the below documentation contains:

  • A list of components with the required hardware and software
  • A connection diagram
  • A description of the respective core functionality
  • A description of the provided F-block
  • Information on the configuration and parameterization
  • Operating instructions if you want to set up an application example

Furthermore, the document provides additional information on specific sequences in the F-program and valuable facts on safety door and emergency stop applications – for example, what has to be considered to achieve a specific PL/SIL.

The ZIP file "S7-1200F SET files" contains the SET (Safety Evaluation Tool) files of the achieved SIL/PL of the individual user scenarios.

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  Safety Applications with S7-1200 FC CPU (6,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  S7-1200F SET files (410,8 KB)

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Update to TIA Portal V15
Examples with SINAMICS G120 as actuators

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