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OEE calculated using PerformanceMonitor

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Calculacte the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in a plant by using the PerformanceMonitor

If a company is faced with the decision of buying factory equipment, restructuring product lines, or merely performing optimization measures, this needs to be based on reference criteria or key figures to be able to make that decision. Therefore, various machine data, such as cycle times, quality, and output quantity need to be acquired to be able to evaluate the overall equipment effectivity (OEE) of a product line.

The overall equipment effectivity (OEE) is acquired and calculated using the option package WinCC PerformanceMonitor. This value provides exact information on machine productivity as well as the entire production process within the company. WinCC PerformanceMonitor enables you to point out the weaknesses in production processes and derive the necessary optimization strategies, such total productive management, lean production or six sigma.

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