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Record operator actions in WinCC Professional with the WinCC WebNavigator

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage sector or in other industries, documentation of operator actions in terms of tracking and tracing is becoming increasingly important.

Electronic documentation of operator actions ensures that all relevant operator actions during the production process are stored and, where necessary, acknowledged by the operator by an electronic signature and a comment.
The task is to allow full tracking and tracing, indicating who operated what when where. At the same time, it must be ensured that the logged operator actions are tamper-proof and that they can be read at any time. Operator actions must be recorded irrespective of whether they are performed over the Internet or on site using a web client or terminal client.

Using examples, this application shows the use of the SIMATIC WinCC WebNavigator option in conjunction with SIMATIC Logon to document process interventions with user-defined operator messages. It differentiates between the VBS and C script languages that are available in SIMATIC WinCC Professional. The application also explains the difference between logging operations on a standard operator station and operations that are performed using a SIMATIC WinCC WebNavigator Client.

Documentation and example project
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Further Information
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Audit, remote control, terminal, pharma, GMP, life science, validation, FDA 21 CFR Part 11

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