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What status and closure codes are there for technical queries about COMOS and what do they mean?

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In the following is a list of all the status and closure codes and their meanings.

You have submitted a technical query about COMOS in the GTAC Portal
(see ‏Entry109474501).
During the processing of your query the current "status code" is displayed.
At the end of processing the case is closed and given a "closure code".
This indicates the result or why the case has been closed.

You can query the status and closures codes as described in Entry 109475801.

The document below gives you a list of all the status and closure codes and their meanings.

The document is only available in English because the status and closure codes are only displayed in English in the GTAC Portal.

  Status_and_Closure_Codes_for_COMOS_IRs_PRs_ERs.pdf (412,4 KB)

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