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Sirius ACT Sensor Buttons in Two-Hand Control Station

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This FAQ describe how can a two-hand control station including sensor buttons 3SU1 get the IEC62061 (SIL3), respectively ISO13849-1 (PL e).


How can a two-hand control station including sensor buttons 3SU1 (MLFB: 3SU1200-1SK10-2SA0), be evaluated safely according to IEC62061 (SIL3), respectively ISO13849-1 (PL e)?



In general, both sensor buttons of a two-hand control station will be connected to a fail-safe evaluation unit. For the evaluation units you can use the hardware parametrizable safety relay 3SK1 as well as the software parametrizable safety relay 3SK2 respectively MSS 3RK3. The safety evaluation units monitor the actuation of both control devices within a period of time of 500ms. The safety evaluation units test the sensor wiring against short and cross circuits.
This document describes the wiring connection of the sensor buttons with the safety relays as well as the parameterization (by DIP-switches respectively parameterization software) of the devices for the sensor monitoring. Additionally, the safety related assessment of the sensor circuit using the Safety Evaluation Tool (SET) will be given by this documentation. Furthermore the safety function “emergency stop” will be shown for the sake of completeness, but not as part of the safety related assessment. More Information about shutdown in case of emergency is given by
SIRIUS Safety Application Manual.


 Registrierung notwendig  ENG_TwoHandControl_with_3SU1_Sensor_Switch_V1.1.pdf (1,7 MB) 










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