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Tool supported lifecycle management of PCS 7 plants

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The challenges in automation continue from day to day. To be able to cope with these challenges, the software in a process control system must be kept up to date. Because up-to-date software is one of the basic conditions to be able to work efficiently and produce reliable results.

However, process control systems often include numerous dissimilar components with different software. As the plant gets older, this also makes it more and more difficult to keep track of the current state of the hardware and software.

For this reason, useful tools and services are available for SIMATIC Software that allow you to inventory your plant, to manage your licenses, and to continuously keep the software of your system up-to-date for its entire lifecycle.

In this application example, we will describe how you can efficiently update a plant using tools and services using a sample configuration as an example.
In addition, we will make settings and take measures to ensure that the plant is kept continuously up to date.

Implementation is carried out in the following main steps:

  • Inventory:
    Acquiring and exporting inventory data using the SIMATIC Management Console (SMMC).
  • Planning & Compatibility:
    Analyzing inventory data and planning the target status or the necessary updates. In this connection, the following points, amongst others, are specified:
    • Which software and hardware is to be updated
    • Are the updates to the software compatible with the existing software and any other planned software updates? (Use of the compatibility tool)
    • Which hardware is mandatory for the software updates or is necessary for good performance?
  • Management:
    Purchasing and managing the necessary licenses for the software (using the online software delivery service)
  • Installation (roll out):
    Carrying out software updates (with SMMC)



  • Stay up to date
    After this, measures are taken to make it possible to easily keep the system up to date in future too (e.g. using SUS, and Newsletter settings).


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