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Product cancellation of SIMOTICS M-1PH7 main motors – shaft heights 100 to 160

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Product cancellation of the SIMOTICS M-1PH7 motors in shaft heights 100 to 160 will take place on Oct. 1, 2015, on the basis of the Migration Roadmap for the SIMOTICS M main motors.

The product phase-out was announced in 93148024 as per April 1, 2014 After the phase-out period of 18 months (until Oct. 1, 2015), remaining SIMOTICS M-1PH7 customers must be changed over to the new SIMOTICS M-1PH8 motors as quickly as possible.

Deadlines and product phase-out

From Oct. 1, 2015, cancelled SIMOTICS M-1PH7 main motors can only be supplied within a restricted time frame, in other words, customers still purchasing these motors today for new plants must be changed over to the new SIMOTICS M-1PH8 main motors in the short term.

With the transition of SIMOTICS M-1PH7 main motors into the spare parts business, effective October 1, 2015, the following important product status features change:

  • The spare parts identifier in PMD is set to "SP", i.e. the motors are now only available as replacement motors.
  • Please observe the delivery times applying to replacement motors.
  • In accordance with the applicable Siemens service guidelines, the spare parts inventory will be maintained for ten years following the declaration of product phase-out. Effective September 30, 2022, SIMOTICS M-1PH7 main motors with shaft heights 100 to 160 will be finally canceled, and marked in the PMD; after this time they go into warranty for defects.
  • When the warranty for defects period expires, this is usually 2 years, the product is completely withdrawn from commercial business. This status “End of product lifecycle” is saved in the PMD, effective September 30, 2026.

SIMOTICS M-1PH8 is available as replacement motor type. SIMOTICS M-1PH8 is functionally fully compatible.

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