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SIMOTION documentation

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How you can access the actual technical documentation of SIMOTION SCOUT

Whether in case of a fault you are looking for help online with the current error message, whether you wish to get to know a product or put together your own documentation: we have the latest editions of the Technical Documentation available electronically in the internet and on data carriers as part of the SIMOTION SCOUT delivery package.

Electronic Technical Documentation (read, download, configure)

In the Siemens Industry Online Support we provide you with our Technical Documentation for SIMOTION as PDF (Download), for direct viewing (Display) and partly as conficurable documentation (Show and configure).
You can create your personal document library, further information you find in the Help

The complete documentation for SIMOTION V5.3 you can find in entry 109767598 

How do you find the Technical Documentation for a product group?

The Siemens Industry Online Support provides the available Technical Documentation for SIMOTION underentry type "Manual":

How do you find the Technical Documentation for a specific software version?

The technical documents are assigned to a product cluster of the relevant software version. Therefore you can put together a list of the documents for a software version in the Siemens Industry Online Support if you specify the corresponding Product cluster of the associated SCOUT version.

Proceed as follows for selecting (example: SIMOTION manuals for version V5.2 SP1):

  1. In "Products" you search for "SIMOTION Scout V5.3 SP1"

  2. Select the product "SIMOTION SCOUT V5.3 SP1"

  3. Filter for the entry type "Manual"

Sample links: Product cluster for the Technical Documentation:

The SIMOTION documentation packages are also available as packed ZIP archives in Entry 40211807. The ZIP archives comprise the complete SIMOTION documentation for the different SIMOTION versions and languages. There the documents are sorted by subject in the subdirectories just as on the DVD of the Engineering System SIMOTION SCOUT in the "Documentation" directory.

Technical Documentation on Data Carrier

Our Technical Documentation is also available on the DVD or our Engineering System SIMOTION SCOUT.
The "Documentation" directory contains the SIMOTION documentation in German, English, Italian and French in the PDF format. Furthermore, most of the manuals are components of the Online Help for SIMOTION SCOUT.


Legal Information

Are you allowed to edit the technical Documentation?

If you incorporate the SIEMENS documentation in the customer documentation or edit it in anyway, you must make sure that the Safety Notes are retained and are visible. Otherwise the contractual agreements hold with respect to the transfer of documentation on data carriers.

What additional conditions hold for the transfer of documents?
  1. The customer receives the Technical Documentation as named in the confirmation of order (hereinafter called "documentation") electronically or on a data carrier.

  2. The customer has the unlimited and non-exclusive right to change excerpts of the documentation to compile the technical documentation of the customer's own machines which are equipped with Siemens electrical components and the software described in the documentation, to reproduce them unchanged or changed and to transfer them to third parties as part of the said technical documentation (hereinafter called "machine documentation") on paper or data carrier.

  3. The customer is solely responsible for the unchanged or changed documentation included in the machine documentation.

  4. The customer shall not remove the copyright notices of Siemens from the documentation. If the customer changes the documentation the customer shall notify in appropriate form, like with an additional copyright notice, that the customer has changed the documentation. The customer is not authorized to use the SIEMENS company brand and will remove it from those parts of the documentation that the customer has reproduced. If the customer uses Siemens brands in the machine documentation the customer shall notify in an appropriate manner that these are brands of Siemens AG (for example with a notification that "SINUMERIK is a registered trademark of Siemens AG").


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