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3RS17 interface converters and 3TX70 coupling relays

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Effective immediately, the 3RS17 (interface converters ) and 3TX70 (coupling relays) product families launched in 2001 and 1989, respectively, including accessories and replacement parts, will be marked as discontinued and successively phased out.

3TX70 and 3RS17

Effective September 1, 2015, all 3RS17 interface converters, 3TX70 coupling relays and all their accessories and replacement parts will be markied as discontinued.

In the course of the phase-out, the following notice will be printed on all 3RS17 and 3TX70 order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices:


From October 1, 2015, a list price increase of 15% shall apply.

The 3RS70 interface converters and the 3RQ3 coupling relays are available as successor products. You will find a conversion list with the affected order numbers in the attachment to this newsletter.

A 1:1 conversion to a device with the same functionality is possible in many cases (please see the documentation for the market launch of the 3RS70 and 3RQ3). However, in view of the different applications in which these devices are used, it is advisable to review every case of conversion.

Our Technical Assistance for Industrial Controls and Systems Engineering will gladly answer your questions about conversion and support you in all technical inquiries relating to our products and systems (phone: ++49 911 895-5900, e-mail: technical-assistance@siemens.com).

All incoming orders for 3RS17, 3TX70 and all related Accessory parts and Spare parts will be proceed normally until the end of FY 2016 (September 30th 2016).
Standard delivery time can be changed if necessary.

  Conversion list 3TX70-3RQ3.pdf (89,2 KB)

   Conversion list 3RS17-3RS70.pdf (52,0 KB)

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