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Expanding an Existing SINAUT Plant by S7-1200 Stations with CP 1243-8 IRC

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In existing SINAUT plants with SIMATIC S7-300/400 and the respective TIM modules for remote transmission, S7-1200 stations can also be integrated using CP 1243-8 IRC.

An S7-1200 station and an S7-300 station shall communicate with each other and with a central station using different topologies. On the central station PC, the SIMATIC NET PC software, the SINAUT ST7cc software, and the WinCC software has been installed. For telecontrol communication, the ST7 protocol is used.

The following functions are realized in this application example:

  • The remote stations can send process tags to each other.
  • The remote stations send important process tags “event-triggered” to the central station as alarms.

  • The process tags are stored in an archive.

  • The control center monitors the status of the connected remote stations.

This entry is divided into two sub-configurations that each solve the same task:

  • Topology via Ethernet
  • Topology via the mobile wireless network and the Internet (transport protocol MSC)

The configuration of these settings is performed with STEP 7 V5.6, STEP 7 V15.1, SINAUT ST7 engineering tool and SINAUT ST7cc.

Telecontrol communication - Ethernet

Last Changes

  • Update to TIA Portal V15.1
  • Update to STEP 7 V5.6
  • Update to WinCC V7.5
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