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Release LMU V2.2.737

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A new Version of the License Management Utility (LMU) has been released. The new version V2.2.737 can be used for the released versions of XWP/ABT, Desigo CC, Cerberus DMS, DCM.

The following are the new features included in LMU V2.2.737:

  • Support Partial Activation (for Certificate Licenses)
    It is now possible to partially activate the licenses on different dongles.
  • New SSU Client with modern UI included
    The Siemens Software Update Manager got a new modern interface
  • LMS SUS Simplification
  • Upgrade von FNP
    Increases stability against broken trusted store in case of windows updates
  • Upgrade of the Gemalto Sentinel Dongle Driver to V7.92
    Solve the vulnerability of earlier driver versions

Download LMU update

Please use the SSU Siemens Software Updater to update to the version V2.2.737.

  1. You can find the SSU under „Sart“ > All Programs/Siemens/LMS
    or start typing "Siemens Software Updater" after pressing the Windows key.

  2. As soon as you have opened the SSU, you should see an upgrade notification

  3. Click on install to confirm download and execution of the setup.


  4. Siemens Software Updater V will be installed.


  5. Siemens Licence Management Utility will be installed


For offline systems you can use the attached zip files.

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  LMS_2.2.737_x64.zip (221,7 MB)

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  LMS_2.2.737_x86.zip (186,7 MB)

NOTE: LMU V2.2.737 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1

If your system has no internet connection, the .net frameworks needs to be downloaded manually from the Microsoft homepage and installed on the offline system.

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