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SinuTrain for SINUMERIK Operate 4.5 Ed.2 - MCT: Information on the creation of a machine adjustment

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A correctly created archive from the controller shall be converted into a SinuTrain machine adjustment using the machine configuration tool (MCT) V4.5 Ed.2. After selecting the archive and entering the requested data, the adjustment process is, however, aborted.

How can I convert the archive without errors?

On account of the complexity of the real machine, a complete archive (created using the shortcut CTRL+ALT+S) may exceed an internal size limitation. In most cases, files in the HMI share of the archive are the reason for the enormous file size.

Before you can create a machine adjustment, you must reduce the archive. However, it would be easier to use a mere NC archive (without HMI, PLC, DRV share). If HMI screens are required, these can be integrated subsequently in accordance with the following FAQ: 85065340

Changes to the HMI path are performed on the user’s own risk, support is not provided by SIEMENS.

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