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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109480118, Entry date: 10/08/2015

Sales release of SIMATIC RTU3030C and accessories

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The SIMATIC RTU3030C product and certain accessory parts are released for sale. The estimated start of delivery is 29 October 2015.

1. Product description

The SIMATIC RTU3030C expands the portfolio for telecontrol applications. It was specially developed for areas of application that require autonomous operation in environments with no power supply system. It is optimized for low-power operation. Power is supplied via battery, accumulator, solar panel or a 12-24 V DC power supply unit. The integrated I/Os are used to record process signals, alarms, count pulses, measured values or to send switching commands. The RTU communicates with the control center via mobile radio using a built-in UMTS modem. Two optional protective enclosures with IP68 degree of protection enable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

All the functions of the RTU3030C are configured exclusively using the integrated Web server.


  • Low-power operation in the three operating modes: Hibernation mode, update mode, communication mode
  • Communication
    • Event-controlled sending of alarms via SMS or email
    • Time-controlled communication in time intervals defined by the user
    • Logging of historical data with time stamp
    • Telecontrol communication to a control center via the standard telecontrol protocols DNP3 and IEC60870-5-104
    • Connection to TeleControl Server Basic as of V3.0 + SP2.
    • Wake-up of control center via SMS or phone call
    • Time-of-day synchronization via NTP server, telecontrol protocol or mobile radio provider
    • Configuration, firmware update and teleservice via Web browser
  • Data preprocessing
    • Program blocks for processing process data and simple control tasks
      • Blocks for logic functions
      • Blocks for timer functions
      • Blocks for analog value functions (such as threshold monitoring)
      • Counter blocks
      • Blocks for messages (SMS, email)
      • Relay blocks
  • Security mechanisms
  • Access protection on Web interface by means of user name and password
  • Approval of up to 20 call numbers for incoming connection requests for teleservice
  • Authorization of up to 20 email addresses and telephone numbers for the receipt of data, messages and alarms
  • Secure communication via OpenVPN tunnel or Telecontrol Server Basic tunnel
  • Encrypted sending of emails
  • Diagnostics
    • History buffer can be stored on the memory card
    • Display of the current LED states in the Web-based management
    • All diagnostics information can also be accessed through the Web server of the RTU3030C


The RTU3030C has the format of the S7-1200 controller series, but with a compact design. Due to the low-power approach, the RTU has a completely different hardware architecture and cannot be extended with I/O modules and other expansion modules from the S7-1200 product range.

It is equipped with the following interfaces:

  • 4 x plug-in screw terminals for 8 digital inputs (pushbutton/switch/relay contact), up to two of which can be configured as counter inputs.
  • 4x plug-in screw terminals for 4 analog inputs: Current/voltage (0/4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V) or temperature measurement (Pt1000)
  • 2 x plug-in screw terminals for 4 digital outputs, as relay contacts.
  • The controlled (adjustable 12 or 24 V) and switchable voltage outputs X10/X11 can be used to supply power to the sensors and actuators.
  • 1 x RJ45 socket for local commissioning (cannot be used as communications interface)
  • 1 x terminal socket for power supply and supply to connected sensor technology 12-24 V DC
  • 1 x connection socket for battery module (up to 2 battery modules can be connected)
  • 1 x SMA antenna connector
  • 1 x slot for memory card
  • 1 x slot for SIM card
  • 1 x pushbutton for the functions: wake, shut down, warm restart, or reset to factor settings

Ambient conditions:

  • IP20 degree of protection (IP68 with additional protective enclosure, see accessories)
  • Operating temperature -40 to +70 °C
  • Integrated temperature sensor for measuring the temperature inside the device


The follow accessory parts are approved for the RTU3030C. They are not included in the RTU's scope of delivery:

  • Stainless steel enclosure: Degree of protection IP68, temperature range -40 to +80 °C, equipped with padlock
  • Aluminum enclosure: Degree of protection IP68, temperature range -60 to +135 °C
  • Cable gland for IP68 stainless steel and aluminum enclosure
  • Blanking plugs for IP68 stainless steel and aluminum enclosure

The following parts are expected to be available as optional accessories by the end of December 2015:

  • Battery housing: Battery holder for 2 D or mono cells

The batteries are not included in the product package. Two high-current solid lithium metal batteries (primary cells, non-rechargeable) are required for use in the battery module enclosure of the RTU3030C.

Approved battery types (procured externally locally): Brand SAFT, LSH20

More informations: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/de/view/109739676

In addition, the following optional accessory parts are already available and can be used in combination with the RTU3030C:

  • Mobile wireless antennas
    • ANT 896-4MA (6GK5896-4MA00-0AA3)
    • ANT 896-4ME (6GK5896-4ME00-0AA0)
    • ANT794-4MR (6NH9860-1AA00)
  • SIMATIC S7 Memory Card up to max. 8 GB (6ES7954-8L…)
  • Power supply SITOP compact: SITOP PSU100C
  • Cabling system and other accessories for IP68 protective enclosure
    • Connecting cable (6XV1875-5L… and 6XV1875-5A…)
    • Lightning protection element LP 798-1N (6GK5798-2LP00-2AA6)
    • Cabinet feedthrough Rcoax Panel Feedthrough (6GK5798-2PP00-2AA6)
    • HF-male/male connector: Coupler N-Connect Male/Male (6GK5798-0CP00-1AA0)

You can find additional information on the Internet at http://w3.siemens.com/mcms/industrial-communication/en/industrial-remote-communication/telecontrol/Pages/Default.aspx.

2. Ordering data

Product name

Order number



Aluminum enclosure with IP68 degree of protection


Stainless steel enclosure with IP68 degree of protection


Cable gland for stainless steel and

aluminum enclosure (pack of 2)


Blanking plugs for stainless steel and

aluminum enclosure (pack of 2)


Battery module enclosure

(expected to be available in 12/2015)


3. Target application

The RTU3030C is suitable in particular for use in the following applications in the areas of water/wastewater, agriculture and vendor managed inventory:

  • Detection and monitoring of fill level / signal level / pressure / flow / temperature
  • Detection of leaks and water loss
  • Monitoring of pump stations, water towers and water reservoirs
  • Flood control
  • Remote monitoring of levels in tanks and silos
  • Monitoring of irrigation systems in agriculture or greenhouses

Customer benefits:

  • Reliable autonomous operation also in extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C thanks to rugged hardware
  • Integrated UMTS modem for fast data transmission
  • Data preprocessing for efficient data evaluation in the control center
  • Flexible power supply via battery, (solar) rechargeable battery or standard power supply
  • Support of OpenVPN and encrypted email for secure data transfer
  • Commissioning, configuration and firmware update without additional software via integrated Web server

4. Miscellaneous

SIMATIC RTU3030C with two battery modules and UMTS mobile wireless antenna

SIMATIC RTU3030C with two battery modules, installed in an IP68 aluminum enclosure

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