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Why, when you initially commission the S7-1500 software controller CPU 1507S, do you get the message "Incompatible device …" in the TIA Portal?

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Cause and clearance of the message "Incompatible device …" in the TIA Portal

When you initially commission the IPC with installed S7-1500 software controller CPU 1507S, it might happen that in some cases in the TIA Portal it is impossible to download to the device and you get this message "Incompatible device detected at address <IP address>.

Fig. 1

This behavior usually occurs when the SIMATIC IPC DiagBase software is of a version earlier than V1.5 or is disabled.

The SIMATICS7-1500 software controller CPU 1507S uses Ethernet interfaces, NVRAM, LED and other resources exclusively for control tasks. These resources are assigned to the software controller CPU 1507S through the configuration of the the hypervisor when the PC system is first loaded.

These resources and their addresses are unique to the selected IPC platform. Before downloading to the device you make sure that the configured IPC platform matches the actually present IPC platform. The diagnostics software SIMATIC IPC DiagBase version V1.5 and higher provides the type information based on the article number of the IPC stored in the BIOS. In this way you can verify that the article number matches the project before going online and downloading to the device.

To commission you must uninstall the old version of SIMATIC IPC DiagBase on the destination PC and install the latest version.
The latest version of the SIMATIC IPC DiagBase diagnostics software is available in Entry ID: 29316343.

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