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SINAMICS V: Positioning (IPos) and Speed Control (S) with a V90 via Modbus

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In the example, the SINAMICS V90 servo drive is operated and monitored using a SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 controller in the IPos/S compound control mode. The controller and the drive communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol based on the RS485 interface standard.

Figure 01

The application example is to allow switching between “controlled positioning” (IPos) and “speed control” (S) using the controller. An operator panel (HMI) is used for operator control and monitoring.
The aim of “controlled positioning” is to move a linear axis to defined positions by entering control values for setpoint positions and positioning speeds. Before that, it should be possible to home the axis using a control command. The controller is to allow relative and absolute positioning. The start of positioning triggered by the controller is to be optionally started by a start signal or by changing the position setpoint.
The aim of “speed control” is to run an axis at different speeds by entering a control value for the setpoint speed and it should be possible to spontaneously change the direction of rotation.
To control the motion processes, the controller is to receive, depending on the mode, status data and actual speed and position values from the drive.

The SINAMICS V90 drive with firmware version 1.05 or higher provides the option to communicate via Modbus RTU. The drive takes on the role of a Modbus slave while the controller is the Modbus master. For communication, the S7-1200 controller requires a CM1241 communication module and the S7-1500 controller requires a CM PtP communication module. The controller accesses the communication module using the “Modbus_Comm_Load” and “Modbus_Master” system FBs. The part of the STEP7 user program that handles communication was programmed in SCL and organized as a sequencer. A KTP700 operator panel is used for operator control and monitoring.

Figure 02

The option to connect the SINAMICS V90 to automation systems via Modbus provides you with access to markets where this serial bus protocol is widely used such as North and South America, the growing markets in Asia, southern Europe and France. Existing plants that use Modbus RTU can be expanded by adding SINAMICS V90 drives. The SINAMICS V90 is also suitable for use in cases where SIEMENS drives are to be used with third-party controllers that support only the Modbus protocol.

Documentation and Sample Project
Documentation (2.7 MB)

registration required Project for STEP 7 V13 SP1 with S7-1200 (8.1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendigProject for STEP 7 V15 with S7-1200 (5,0 MB)

registration required Project for STEP 7 V13 SP1 with S7-1500 (8.1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendigProject for STEP 7 V15 with S7-1500 (5,0 MB)

registration required V-ASSISTANT parameter file for SINAMICS V90 with FW 1.05  (2.2 KB)

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