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SINUMERIK 828D/840D sl: Interpolation Turning with Cycle959 (OEM, Distributors, End customers)

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The objective of the technology cycle (Cycle959) is to execute turning processes on milling maschines that do not have rotary axes. As a consequence, corners at outer or inner contours can be machined either longitudinally or transversely. The objective of the technology cycle (Cycle959) is to execute turning processes on milling machines that do not have rotary axes. As a consequence, corners

The requirements placed on machine tools on a daily basis are continually rising - and as a consequence they must become increasingly more powerful and versatile. For instance, today, state-of-the-art machine tools are in a position to turn parts on milling machines without rotary axes. The machining technique employed is interpolation turning. The precondition to achieve this is that the main spindle of the machine can be switched over into position-controlled operation. This means that the main spindle machine can be used as turning axis with full functional scope.
The tool clamped in the main spindle is used for machining, which carries out circular motion on the X/Y plane. The workpiece (semi-finished product) to be machined is fixed to the machine table. Each individual circular tool motion in the spindle is realized around its own axis. As a consequence, the tool in the spindle is continuously aligned to the component in order that the cutting edge is brought into the optimum cutting position. The quality of the machined workpiece is comparable with the machining results of workpieces machined on conventional lathes.

As a consequence, workpieces that are very complex to produce can be quickly and completely machined on just one machine. The technical effort required and the time involved remain justifiable as additional equipping times are reduced or even eliminated. 

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