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SIMOTION at a glance

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This site gives you an overview of the most important documents and links for the Motion Control System SIMOTION. Both newcomers and experienced SIMOTION users have an entry here to the essential information about SIMOTION.

Here you have direct access to the most important technical information and solutions for SIMOTION.

Actual service packs, hotfixes, firmware, etc.

SIMOTION D - Firmware (Kernel)
SIMOTION C - Firmware (Kernel)
SIMOTION Firmware Support Package
SIMOTION Utilities & Applications
EPLAN Electric P8 macros for SIMOTION C, P and D / DXF files
Dimension sheets and CAD data for SIMOTION D
SIZER for Siemens Drives
TIA Selection Tool (Configurator for automation applications)

Tutorials and videos
The SIMOTION tutorials give you a closer look on SIMOTION. You get an overview over the motion control system and an insight into the design of typical automation tasks.


SIMOTION Tutorials

Product information
Product related, actual information from Marketing and Sales

Delivery Release of Motion Control System SIMOTION Version V5.2 SP1
Project Generator SIMOTION easyProject
SIMOTION Technology function vibration absorber VIBration eXtinction VIBX
Amendment to the EC Dual-Use Regulation / Effects on SIMOTION
Release for sales and delivery for SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type 24 A, 45 A, 60 A
Compatibility list of software products in the SIMOTION environment
Which I/O modules can be used in combination with SIMOTION?
Which encoders can be used for the SIMOTION in combination with SINAMICS, SIMOVERT-MASTERDRIVES and SIMODRIVE 611 Universal?
Which spare parts are available for SIMOTION C/D and Terminal Modules and where can these be ordered?
Announcement of product phase-out for SIMOTION firmware (Kernel) versions V4.3 SP1 HFx and lower
Certificates, Declarations of conformity, approvals, verifications certifications, etc.
Information about product-related environmental protection
China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Documentation with all necessary information for the operation of a product

SIMOTION technical documentation
SINAMICS technical documentation
SIMOTION Documentation Package for the Software Versions V4.0 to V5.2 SP1

Application Examples
Application examples support you in finding a solution to your automation task. Rather than just focusing on single products, the presented solutions show the interaction with several components.

SIMOTION Utilities & Applications
Overview over all SIMOTION application examples

Frequently asked questions and the answers

Questions on upgrading of the SIMOTION SCOUT and related SCOUT licenses
Which PROFINET functions are supported by SIMOTION and SINAMICS?
How do you upgrade to a new SIMOTION Version?
How do you efficiently collect diagnostics and system information with the SIMATIC Assessment Suite - Data Collector (SAS-DC)?
Example showing the syntax of functions, function blocks and programs as well as type definitions in Structured Text (ST) sources (units) in SIMOTION
SIMOTION: Enable/Disable axis simulation
SIMOTION: Download during RUN

Discuss with us, get tips or help other users in the Industry Online Support forum.

SIMOTION - Forum in English

Training / Courses
Quickly obtain hands-on know-how - Practical Training directly from the manufacturer!

SITRAIN courses for advanced professional training
SITRAIN trainings for SIMOTION
Product presentation and training systems
Guideline Training Case SIMOTION D4x5-2 V4.4


SIMOTION in the Internet
Industry Mall (Product catalog)

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