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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109480712, Entry date: 12/17/2015

Release for delivery for the SIMOTION motion control system – software version V4.4 HF11

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Effective immediately, SIMOTION software version V4.4 HF11 is released.

The release refers to:

  • Setup for SIMOTION SCOUT and SCOUT standalone V4.4 HF11
  • TIA Portal Client setup for SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF11 (including CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF2)
  • SIMOTION SCOUT migration-tool plug in V4.4 HF11
  • SIMOTION C240/C240 PN kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11
  • SIMOTION P320-4 kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11
  • SIMOTION D410-2 kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11
  • SIMOTION D4x5-2 kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11
  • Firmware Support Package V4.4 HF11

The above-mentioned software components are available through the Internet Product Support pages (see under downloads).


Functional scope

SIMOTION software version V4.4 HF11 resolves a series of functional restrictions of the SIMOTION software versions V4.4 HF6/HF8. You can obtain the details from the  Registrierung notwendig  Readme.rtf (186,0 KB). Its use is always recommended when using version V4.4.

When changing to Hotfix11, the corresponding setup of SIMOTION SCOUT, SCOUT standalone or SCOUT TIA should be executed, and the kernel/firmware version of the particular platform upgraded.

The current SIMOTION compatibility list – with the combinations of software and hardware – can be found under18857317.


Delivery status

The delivery status of SIMOTION SCOUT, SIMOTION P320-4 and the SIMOTION C/D memory cards remains unchanged at version V4.4 HF6.

You can find the current article numbers of SIMOTION V4.4 components under product memorandum 96311883.



Installation requirements are

  • For SCOUT, STEP 7 V5.5 SP4 installed on the engineering computer. Version SIMOTION SCOUT V4.4 HF11 is a complete installation of SCOUT.
  • For SCOUT TIA, TIA Portal Framework V13 SP1 installed on the engineering computer (SCOUT TIA is a TIA Portal client setup). We recommend that you use the latest update of TIA Portal V13 SP1.

Once these conditions are available, SCOUT, SCOUT standalone or SCOUT TIA setups can be installed.


SCOUT standalone

When changing from SIMOTION V4.4 HF1/2/6/8 to V4.4 HF11, the projects do not have to be upgraded.


When changing from TIA Portal V13 (involves SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF1/2 and HF4) to V13 SP1 (involves SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 or higher HF), then projects must be upgraded in the TIA Portal - or operated in the compatibility mode.



The CamTool version remains unchanged. (CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF2)


Kernel/firmware, version V4.4 HF 11 is available for SIMOTION C240/C240PN, P320-4 and D410-2/D4x5-2. The detail versions, including the safety versions of SINAMICS Integrated for SIMOTION D, can be taken from
 Registrierung notwendig  Readme.rtf (186,0 KB)



You can download the following from the Internet Product Support pages:

  • SIMOTION SCOUT V4.4 HF11, SCOUT standalone V4.4 HF11 and SCOUT TIA HF11, see 109480713
  • SIMOTION C kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11, see 31263919
  • SIMOTION C kernel/firmware V4.4 HF11, see 31045047
  • SIMOTION firmware Support Package (FWSP) for the device update tool, see 33119786
  • SIMOTION CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF2 (for SCOUT TIA included in the setup), see 109476920

The device update tool can be used for upgrading SIMOTION C and D from SIMOTION software version V4.1 SP2 to SIMOTION software version V4.4 HF11. Firmware Support Package V4.4 HF11 is required to do this.

Kernel/firmware, Firmware Support Package (FWSP) and CamTool are also included in the download of SIMOTION SCOUT and SCOUT standalone.

Additional information

Please refer to the README file for additional information about SIMOTION software version V4.4 HF11.

Registrierung notwendig Liesmich (211.1 KB)

Registrierung notwendig Readme (186.0 KB)