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Controlled plant engineering from the outset with COMOS FEED

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Learn about COMOS FEED basic functions and benefits. With the application you go through a complete standard workflow to generate all relevant data for the bidding phase and to set the basis for the basic and detail engineering phase.

Objective of the application example
This is a best practice application example, which shows you the basic functions and benefits of the COMOS FEED software solution by means of a sample project.
About 80% of the total costs of an industrial plant project are already defined at a very early planning stage.
The decisions in the design phase, the so-called Front-end Engineering and Design phase (FEED phase) significantly influence the subsequent detailed planning and are crucial for the practical feasibility, performance and cost efficiency of a plant or component. Efficient plant planning is therefore only possible if the planning process is controlled right from the outset. So, for instance, errors/faults that occur when designing the process flow diagram in the FEED phase, must be identified early in order to avoid subsequent costs due to corrections, or even damage to property and persons. A tool is needed to allow simplified definition and regular checking of process planning rules.
The following requirements should be met to improve the process of the existing workflows, to save time, to reduce costs and to conserve resources:

  • One-time entry and reuse of data by means of centralized data management and standardized interfaces, i.e. data consistency across all trades.
  • Full integration of all trades/disciplines involved in the planning of the system.
  • Traceability of changes across discipline boundaries.
  • Integration of design data through interfaces to simulation programs
  • A uniform database from the first process design right through to plant operation.
  • Detection and documentation of data changes.

This application example gives you an initial insight of how you can use the COMOS FEED software solution to implement the requirements and issues shown here.



Valid as of COMOS V10.2 SP2

Documentation and preconfigured project data
  Application example documentation COMOS FEED (12,1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  COMOS example proejct based on iDB (219,3 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig  Simulation data for the example project (50,8 KB) 

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