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Fast and easy generation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams with COMOS P&ID

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Learn about COMOS P&ID basic functions and benefits. With the application example you go through a complete standard workflow to represent process engineering, pipeline engineering as well as measurement, instrumentation & control (I&C) sequences.

Objective of this COMOS P&ID application example
This application example is a best practice example and shows you the basic functions and operating instructions for the COMOS P&ID software solution.
COMOS P&ID is used primarily in the following phases of plant engineering:

  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering

These planning phases include a variety of requirements to improve the conventional process, save time, reduce costs and conserve resources.
The following requirements should be fulfilled:

  • One-time entry and reuse of data by means of centralized data management and standardized interfaces to external data sources or applications. The aim is to ensure consistency across all disciplines.
  • Full integration of all disciplines involved in the planning of the plant engineering.
  • Traceability of changes across discipline boundaries.
  • A uniform database from the first process design right through to plant operations.
  • Recognizing, documenting, reviewing, and releasing data changes.

This application example gives you initial insights on how the software solution COMOS and in particular
COMOS P&ID fulfill the requirements listed here.
It also explains the benefits of the software.

Valid as of COMOS V10.1 SP3

Documentation and preconfigured project data

This application example based on the application example:
Controlled plant engineering from the outset with COMOS FEED

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