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Update of SIMATIC RF650R, RF680R, RF685R to firmware V2.0

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Effective immediately, firmware V2.0 for the UHF RFID readers SIMATIC RF650R, SIMATIC RF680R and SIMATIC RF685R is available for download.


Effective immediately, firmware V2.0 for the UHF RFID readers SIMATIC RF650R, SIMATIC RF680R and SIMATIC RF685R is available for download.
All new devices will be delivered with firmware V2.0 as standard as soon as the devices with firmware V1.0 remaining in stock have been sold off.

Changes in V2.0 as compared to V1.0

  • 6-bit encoding according to VDA 5500
    Tag data that is coded in 6-bit format according to VDA recommendation 5500 (V1.0-10/2014) can be read and written by the reader.
  • ISO 18000-6B
    The readers RF650R, RF680R and RF685R support the radio protocol ISO 18000-6B.
  • Network
    The readers RF680R and RF685R support SNMPv1.
  • Profibus
    The readers RF680R and RF685R can be integrated in a Profibus environment with ASM456 (one logical read point, digital IOs are not supported at this time).
  • Supported country profiles
    South Korea

Firmware V2.0 is backward compatible with earlier versions, i.e. a firmware update does not require any changes in the user applications.
With regard to the integration of the readers in a Profibus infrastructure with ASM456, it should be noted that the communications module needs to be provided with the firmware as of version V4.0.0.
The GSD file with version 3.11.11 is required for the function in interaction with ASM456.

Update process

The firmware can be updated via the Web-based user interface:

1. Open Internet browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)
2. Enter the IP address of the reader in your browser's address bar -> User interface of the reader appears
3. Select the firmware file under "Firmware update" in the "System" menu
4. Update -> The update process may take a few minutes.

Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright information

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Special information for resellers

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Firmware Download
Firmware version V2.0 for RF650R, RF680R, RF685R Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle firmware_enc_sig_trustcenter_siemens_release.zip (20.0 MB)
Firmware for ASM456 87668336
Description files Download
GSDML file version V2.3 for Profinet integration Registrierung notwendig GSDML_RF680R_RF685R.zip (13.5 KB)
GSD file version 3.11.11 for Profibus integration with ASM456 Registrierung notwendig asm456.zip (12.7 KB)
S7 function blocks Download
Ident profile Registrierung notwendig Identification_V3p0.zip (52.4 KB)

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