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Entry type: Product note, Entry ID: 109480900, Entry date: 11/18/2015

Revised digital output modules for SIMATIC S7-1500 and ET 200MP with single channel diagnostics

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Revised digital output modules for SIMATIC S7-1500 and ET 200MP with single channel diagnostics

Two revised digital output modules with single-channel diagnostics for the S7-1500 / ET 200MP system are available effective immediately.

  • DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A HF
  • DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A HF

These two modules replace the previous standard modules with spare part compatibility.

Once the present inventory of modules is exhausted, the new article numbers will be automatically substituted.


Previous types

New type

DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A ST


    6ES7 522-1BH00-0AB0


    DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A HF


      6ES7 522-1BH01-0AB0


      DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A ST


        6ES7 522-1BL00-0AB0


        DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A HF


          6ES7 522-1BL01-0AB0





          Due to diagnostic capability of the module, there is a max. residual current of 0.5mA even with a "0" signal. This residual current is present regardless as to whether or not the diagnostic is enabled. This residual current can cause a glow when activating LEDs under some circumstances. Alternatively, therefore, the following additional modules are available.



          Article number


          DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A BA

          6ES7 522-1BH10-0AA0


          DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A BA

          6ES7 522-1BL10-0AA0



          DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A HF


          DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A HF



          Also see the Manual Collection which includes all relevant documents for the SIMATIC S7-1500 / ET 200MP in addition to the I/O modules:





          You can configure these modules with a variety of engineering tools:

            TIA Portal as of version V13.0, SP1
            Install the HSP for this
            143 STEP 7 V5.5, SP3
            Configuration with GSD file
            Other engineering tools
            Configuration with GSD file


            The GSD files are available for download at:

            PROFIBUS: 80206700

            PROFINET: 68189683



            Ordering data:



            The accessories for the S7-1500 / ET 200MP can still be used for these two modules.


            Article number

            Mounting rail, 160 mm (with drill hole)

            6ES7 590-1AB60-0AA0

            Mounting rail, 245 mm (with drill hole)

            6ES7 590-1AC40-0AA0

            Mounting rail, 482 mm (with drill hole)

            6ES7 590-1AE80-0AA0

            Mounting rail, 530 mm (with drill hole)

            6ES7 590-1AF30-0AA0

            Mounting rail, 830 mm (with drill hole)

            6ES7 590-1AJ30-0AA0

            Mounting rail, 2000 mm (without drill hole) for customization

            6ES7 590-1BC00-0AA0

            PE connection element for 2000 mm mounting rail (spare part),

            20 units

            6ES7 590-5AA00-0AA0

            Front connector for 35mm modules; screw terminal, 40-pin

            6ES7 592-1AM00-0XB0

            Front connector for 35mm modules; push-in terminal, 40-pin

            6ES7 592-1BM00-0XB0

            U-type connector, 5 units


            Universal front door for I/O modules (PU = 5 units)

            6ES7 528-0AA00-7AA0

            Sheets with labeling strips (Al gray) (PU = 10 units)

            6ES7 592-2AX00-0AA0

            Potential jumper front connector (PU = 20 units)


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