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文档类型 产品通知 文档编号 109481194, 文档发布日期 2015年11月24日

RUGGEDCOM WIN 4.5 General Availability Release

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A general availability release of 4.5 for the RUGGEDCOM WIN base station and subscriber unit firmware has been released. Versions BS4.5.4621.17 and SS4.5.4624.12 can be obtained by contacting support at https://support.industry.siemens.com/my/WW/en/requests#createRequest

This RUGGEDCOM WIN base station and subscriber unit release contains fixes for known issues found in previous releases as well new features.

Firmware update BS4.5.4621.17 can be used for WIN base station products and replaces the older firmware versions.

Firmware update SS4.5.4624.12 can be used for WIN subscriber products and replaces the older firmware versions.


Products concerned:

  • RUGGEDCOM WIN70xx base station
  • RUGGEDCOM WIN72xx base station
  • RUGGEDCOM WIN5xxx subscriber unit


New functions

  • IEEE1588 support for the WIN7200 : new time synchronization method in addition to GPS. Base stations are slave devices only and do not distribute time. Either GPS or IEEE1588 synchronization methods must be configured.
  • Block broadcasts originating from behind subscriber unit to reach networks behind other subscriber units registered to the same base station: prevent L3 protocols over WiMAX (ISIS or OSPF) from creating phantom links between subscriber units.
  • Uplink power correction mode for marine installations in WIN70xx and WIN7200:  support special requirements of vessels approaching the base station over marine environment.
  • Network Interface Protocol new functions.
  • Security enhancement: list of allowed source IP addresses.
  • New command: Link quality rate command.


New MIB functions:

  • SNMP MIB enhancements for base station:
    • SSH enable/disable (SshShellState OID ““) – read/set   
    • SFTP enable/disable (SftpState OID ““) – read/set
    • Allow local login while radius server is up (RadiusLocalState OID ““) – read/set
    • Syslog setting (SyslogServerIP, Syslog2ndServerIP OID ““) – read set
    • Temperature (OID ““) – read
    • CPE Ethernet lock opening (OID ““) – set only (set the mac address of the CPE)
  • SNMP MIB enhancements for subscriber unit:
    • SSH enable/disable SFTP enable/disable (SftpState OID “ 3.15.2“) – read/set
    • LAN GW Subnet IP Address (LanGwSubnetIpAddr OID “ 1.5.1“) – read/set
    • LAN GW router IP Address (LanGwRouterIpAdd OID “ 1.5.2“) – read/set
    • Lock scanner to specific BS IDs enable/disable (ExplicitBsEnable OID ““) – read/set
    • Lock table (ExplicitBsTable OID ““) – read/set
    • Network Interface Protocol enable/disable (NipEnable OID “ 3.16.1“) – read/set
    • NIP Port (NipPort OID “ 3.16.2“) – read/set
    • Allow local login while radius server is up (RadiusLocalState OID “ 3.17.1“) – read/set
    • Allow MNG VLAN on LAN port (mngVlanOnLanPort OID “ 3.3.5“) – read/set
    • Setting user password protected by “retype” and “old password” mechanism (OID –
    • Write community hidden for SNMPv2 (OID
    • Deregistration of CPE from BS using passphrase (OID -
  • Newly introduced SNMP Traps:
    • Default certificate used (BS and SS)
    • SSH/ CLI connection established (BS and SS)
    • Neighbor Unreachable Alarm (BS only)
    • Last Fatal reset cause (BS only)

Bug fixes:

  • Support latest versions of browser: tested with Chrome 46.0.2490.86 m , IE  10.09200.17492, Firefox 42.0  and Opera 33
  • Handover:  SS takes into account triggers advertised in TBS (Target Bas Station) after handover, instead of conserving the triggers advertised in DCD (Downlink Configuration Data) of SBS (Serving Base Station)
  • False alarm of SS Ethernet port down after Network Entry
  • Complete SS MIB walk fails


Configuration changes:

  • Login failed traps: Traps configurable to alert on XX failed attempts and not hardcoded to 10. Selection:  Never, 1, 3 or 10 fails.
  • Password complexity: Support for alphanumeric passwords. Support for symbols - ie #*@$%
  • Neighbor BS DCD configuration: Allow neighbor BS to have different DCD configuration.
  • R8 Sync broadcast interval: Allow configuration of the NBR BS broadcast interval. Any time less than 60 sec is regarded as 0 (no broadcast)

Supported software upgrade options:

Base station upgrades are only supported from official releases of 4.3 and 4.4. Any upgrade from a non-official release will result in a configuration loss.

Subscriber station upgrades are only supported from official releases of 4.3 and 4.4. Relevant client specific software patches are also supported.

Please consult customer support if you are unsure of the upgrade process or if your current release is not supported.



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