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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109481378, Entry date: 01/25/2017

Seal of authenticity for SIMATIC S7-300 modules

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Modules from the SIMATIC S7-300 product series are to be provided with a seal of authenticity.

To ensure that SIMATIC S7-300 modules are original products, they will be provided in a multi-stage process with a seal of authenticity.
Customers can easily check whether their products are original Siemens products based on this seal.
The implementation will take place in several stages and is intended to be completed by the end of 2017

Mixed deliveries of products with and without the seal of authenticity may occur during the implementation.

The implementation increases the functional version of the modules. Aside from the seal of authenticity, there are no technical changes to the product.

You will be informed separately when the implementation is complete.


The seal of authenticity is located on the long side of the module between the two housing parts and consists of a hologram film as safety feature.

SIMATIC S7-300 module with seal of authenticity

Depending on the lighting, the hologram shows the texts
ORIGINAL, GENUINE or VALID together with the copyright Siemens Halske symbol.

Text "ORIGINAL" with Siemens Halske symbol


Text "VALID"

Siemens Halske symbol

Function of the seal

In addition to proof of authenticity, the seal also shows whether a module has been opened without authorization. The seal is destroyed when removed and cannot be re-applied.


This change will be made to all modules of the SIMATIC S7-300 series, i.e. CPUs, IO modules, power supplies, communication and function modules, and the IM153 from the ET 200M product series.

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