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PCS 7 Water Unit Template - Efficient Management of Storm Water Tank

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The Water Unit Template provides a template that comprises all typical components, their open- and closed-loop control, the necessary logic and interlocking as well as the visualization. The construction is modular and based on standardized functions with Water Templates.

The standardization of automation engineering for urban water management plants, such as in wastewater treatment, is a major challenge. Different process steps and procedures, different equipment and flexibility in the plant configuration make the task even more difficult.

The largely automated operation of wastewater facilities (sewage systems and sewage treatment plants) is considered state of the art. Compared to process engineering plants in other industries, such as the chemical industry, a wastewater treatment plant has a similarly large amount of actuators, sensors, measurement equipment and control loops. For this reason, the automation of wastewater treatment plants has its own specific challenges:

  • The wastewater treatment plant discharges into public watercourses via receiving streams. The wastewater treatment plant operator is therefore liable for complying with legal limits in purified wastewater, such as limits for ammoniac nitrogen, total nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, and phosphate.
  • The influent to a wastewater treatment plant is subject to strong fluctuations – in terms both of quantity and contents. This is due to weather-related and seasonal fluctuations as well as the behavior of the high numbers of private households and industrial companies that discharge wastewater to the sewer network.
  • Based on the typical size of mainly municipal wastewater treatment plants, engineers with relevant know-how about wastewater-specific, biotechnological issues are usually available on-site, but not control engineers. That is why any control engineering solution must have a clear and transparent structure so that it can be quickly and easily operated by waste-water treatment personnel, who must also be able to implement optimizations as necessity dictates.

The Unit Template additionally provides all the typical components for open- and closed-loop control, necessary logics and interlocks as well as the corresponding visualizations, from the Panel to the Web (Operator Station via WebNavigator). The construction is modular and based on standardized functions with Water Templates (WCMT = Water Control Module Types and WEMT = Water Equipment Module Types).


Benefits of using Water Unit Templates
  • Reduction of the knowledge necessary to develop applications
  • Lower expenditure in the configuration effort
  • Flexible installation and adjustment with WCMT
  • Standardized structures

From PCS 7 V8.1 SP1 and CFC V8.1 SP1 Upd4 (S7-300)
From TIA Portal V13 SP1 Upd8 with WinCC Comfort (Comfort Panels)

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Procurement of the Water Unit Template
The Water Unit Template can be procured free of charge from your regional SIEMENS Sales Partner.

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