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Configuring of SIMATIC BATCH Reports using a practical example

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Various customization options of the SIMATIC BATCH standard report are displayed based on a SIMATIC BATCH report, which can be configured through Parameters.

SIMATIC BATCH provides a report for all types of batches. This represents all objects that can occur in a batch with a flat or hierarchical recipe structure. The information contained in the report can be very extensive and only partially needed in specific cases of application.
SIMATIC BATCH also allows you to create custom reports. Therefor, it is necessary to have expert knowledge in the following topic areas:

  • SQL structures
  • Mircosoft Reporting Services incl. Report Builder

The configurable SIMATIC BATCH report helps you design and create your own reports.

This application example provides a configurable sample report template. This is based on the SIMATIC BATCH standard report. The report can be adjusted to enable report objects (headers, details, lines) to be hidden based on hierarchy levels, object types, object status, etc. Even the representation of messages can be adjusted.
The main structure of the SIMATIC BATCH standard report remains unchanged.
The adjustment is carried out by means of parameters outside the report without modifying the RDL code
(RDL = "Report Description Language").

The following main topics are covered in this application example:

  • Identifying report customization options
  • Integrating the report templates
  • Testing report templates
  • Presenting configurable parameters

The solution presented here offers the following advantages:

  • no profound knowledge of SQL required
  • no profound knowledge of Microsoft Reporting Services and Report Builder required
  • fast customizable report for demonstration purposes
  • description of the integration of report templates
  • description of the individual parameters


This entry was created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.1 SP1 and SIMATIC PCS 7 BATCH V8.1 SP1, the procedure is valid for higher versions of SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 BATCH.

This solution is an example and not intended for use in the productive environment. The example is based on SIMATIC BATCH V8.1 SP1 and is not automatically updated with the new SIMATIC BATCH versions.
The solution is not valid in conjunction with Process Historian and Information Server. Further information is available in the preface of the documentation. 

 "Configuring of SIMATIC BATCH Report using a practical example" documentation (2,2 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Sample report template (1,5 MB)

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Process Control System PCS 7SIMATIC BATCH manual

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