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The Software Kit enables the commissioning, configuration, parameterization and analysis of SIDOOR door control systems using a PC.

You can read out, modify and save door controller parameters using the driving parameters.
The "oscilloscope function" can be used to record the travel curve and you can operate the door controller using door commands via the service interface for the recording.

The "Service Tool Emulation" feature can be used to check and set the entire configuration of the door controller.
The "Firmware Loader" provides you with the ability to update the firmware on your device.

The SIDOOR USB adapter is required to connect the service interface to the PC. The SIDOOR USB adapter and the adapter driver for Microsoft Windows are part of the SIDOOR Software Kit (http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/en/55442055).

You can use the "SIDOOR Manager" to update the firmware of door controllers with a PROFINET interface via TCP/IP. A "Standard Ethernet" connection is required for updates.
The "SIDOOR Manager" can be started in batch mode so that a multi-firmware update can be carried out via TCP/IP in parallel on several controllers simultaneously.

In addition, the "SIDOOR Manager" offers the possibility of executing "Door commands" and "Service Tool emulation". Individual parameters can be read and written based on the parameter



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 5.00 Windows installer for the SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT  Registrierung notwendig  setup_sidoor_software_kit.exe (8,5 MB)


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