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SIMATIC IPC547E - Latest BIOS version

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To achieve the best possible performance, stability and reliability for your SIMATIC IPC, always use the latest BIOS version.

Information about the BIOS version
Details about the BIOS version are listed in the following table.

The software is subject to export restrictions. Download is authorized only for registered users.


BIOS versionNotes and DownloadDate
R1.30.0 Registrierung notwendig  CHANGES_R1_30.TXT (8,5 KB) 2018-11

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  BIOS_D3235_R1_30.zip (12,2 MB) 

SHA-256 checksum:

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  BIOS_D3236_R1_30.zip (34,2 MB) 

SHA-256 checksum:

SIMATIC IPCs of the type IPC547E are available in two mainboard versions. Define the BIOS required for your mainboard using the article number of your IPCs.

SIMATIC IPCs with the mainboard D3235 (chipset H81) start with article numbers:

  • 6AG4104-3...0-....

SIMATIC IPCs with the mainboard D3236 (chipset Q87) start with article numbers:

  • 6AG4104-3....-....

Further information on BIOS updates is available in Entry ID 109757305.

Information about SHA-256 is available in Entry ID 109483101.

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