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The Way to safe Machinery (Video)

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The media system "The way to safe machinery" gives you a summary of important aspects of industrial safety and the legal situation.

"The way to safe machinery" is a media system, which gives you a comprehensive summary of important aspects of industrial safety and provides an overview about the legal situation. Based on a sample machine, you will learn step by step, how to make your machine compliant with the basic health and safety requirements. All relevant directives and standards are taken into account, to make sure that you are always on the safe side.

The Media System "The way to safe machinery" consists of individual chapters. Within the chapters you find related videos, schematic diagrams and links to further information. This Media System is designed for production and project engineers, as well as for commissioning or service personnel. The included videos contain mainly technical content and provide guidance for all phases of the plant lifecycle.

The Media system includes an information section which describes the legal situation and the Machinery Directive. Special focus is on the areas of responsibility of the manufacturer throughout the life cycle of a machine. To visualize the responsibilities, an optimized process sequence is provided.


The main parts of the media System are three information groups. Based on the example of a cutting machine with material feed, the steps on the way to safe machinery are systematically described these information groups.

The three information groups each correspond to a stage in a process chain:

  •  Risk assessment: In this stage you determine and evaluate the risks emanating from the machine in the respective operating modes and stages of its life.
  • Risk reduction: In this stage you reduce the risks to an acceptable level on the basis of the results from the first stage.

  • Validation: In this phase you check and document all measures and results and award the CE marking.

Please calculate 60 minutes to accomplish the complete Media System. You can pause and continue later on at any point. You can check your knowledge immediately by answering the questions in the quizzes to each chapter.

Finally, in this Media System you will find links to useful tools, services and products from the Siemens Safety portfolio.
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