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Availability calculation for SIMATIC PCS 7 systems (automation solutions)

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The high availability of automation solutions is becoming a key economic factor of increasing importance due to growing competitive pressure and ever-shorter delivery deadlines. This is because component failures can lead to production downtimes and consequently to unplanned costs.

For optimum availability of the automation solution, a theoretical calculation and an estimation can be carried out. This not only concerns systems that have already been built, it also concerns ones that are still in the planning phase. There is enhancement potential for availability in all phases of the plant lifecycle.

Siemens offers you an individual calculation of the availability of your PCS 7 automation solution in the form of a comprehensive report. Optionally, you can receive an analysis of the optimization potential as well as recommendations for enhancing availability that ensure the necessary transparency of costs and spare-part planning

The availability calculation of a PCS 7 automation solution offers you the following benefits:

  • Review of the required availability with quantification of the availability of the automation solution
  • Consideration of cost-effectiveness
  • Comprehensive consultation and optimization of automation solution
  • Improvement of cost and spare-part planning

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