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SIMOTICS M-1PH8: Initialization time of the fault indication relay (K1 output) on the EC fan unit.

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How long is the initialization time of the EC fan unit until the fault indication relay (K1 output) is going in operation mode?

An external fault indicator is available over the potential-free contact (K1 output) of the built-in relays.
After switching on the line voltage, an initialization time of a maximum 7.5 seconds is required for the device's electronics to be operational. Subsequently, a reliable status message will be possible.
If no malfunction is detected, the relay will be energized after the initialization time, connections “11” and “14” are bridged. For fault the relay is deenergized.
Since both line voltage fluctuations and ambient conditions affect the initialization time, a different delay might occur in individual cases.

The EC fan units, which are delivered before July 13, 2015, will have an initialization time of a maximum 4 seconds. For further information, please see ID: 109477568.


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