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DriveES SIMATIC V5.5 SP1: Communication between CPU PtP and CP340 RS232C using the DRVUSSS7 library

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Communication errors can occur when using the new central CPU PtP modules or the CP340 communication processors under DriveES SIMATIC V5.5 SP1, library DRVUSSS7. Please contact technical support to resolve the issue.

Using the program example for DriveES SIMATIC V5.5 SP1 - library DRVUSSS7, why cannot I establish communications with a serial interface of a MASTERDRIVES?
I am using the new CPU PtP central module and the CP340 RS232C communication processor.

Library DRVUSSS7 of the DriveES SIMATIC V5.5 SP1 engineering software has been discontinued since October 1, 2015 (PM410). The library blocks have no longer be modified/updated for years. Timing errors can occur when using the new central CPU PtP modules or the CP340 communication processors. This behavior was identified for a new CPU 6ES7314-6BH04-0AB0 and a CP340 RS232C, Article number 6ES7340-1AH02-0AE0. This incorrect behavior no longer occurs for an older CPU 6ES7313-6BE00-0AB0 and a CP340 RS422/485, Article number 6ES7340-1CH00-0AE0. Other configurations with this incorrect behavior are not known.
If your plant/system manifests this behavior, then please contact Technical Support on the topic of "DriveES SIMATIC".

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