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How do you use the Windows Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) (Windows 7 and higher)?

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With the "Windows Problem Steps Recorder" you can record your procedure which led to a fault.

This Windows function is supported by Windows 7 and higher.

A recording includes the following components:
· Text describing the elements that you click with the mouse
· Screenshots at the time of each click

Only the clicks you have made are recorded. If you make essential inputs during the recording, you must add these via the Comments function.

Start the Windows Problem Steps Recorder

  • Start the Windows Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

Make recordings

  • Click "Start recording".

    Fig. 01
  • Perform the steps which you want to record.
    You can use "Stop recording" at any time to stop the recording and "Continue recording" to complete the recording later.

    Fig. 02

    Further information about recording inputs:
    • Click "Add Comment".
    • Mark the area in which you are making the input.
    • Describe your procedure in the Comment field.
    • Click "OK" and continue your recording.
  • Click "Stop Record" when your recording is complete.
    The "Save As" dialog opens.

    Fig. 03
  • Select the directory and a name.
  • Click "Save" to save the recording.

    Fig. 04

The default setting for screenshots to be saved is "25". You can change this setting as required in a range of 1 to 100.

  • Open the settings for the problem recording.

    Fig. 05

  • Set the "Number of recent screen captures to store:" as required. Then click "OK".

    Fig. 06

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