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Which energy-measuring components and higher-level systems does the SIMATIC Energy Suite support?

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The numerous communication options of the S7-1500 permit the SIMATIC Energy Suite to support any measuring and automation devices for acquiring energy data. Configuration is further facilitated by the standardized procedure of the Energy Support Library for reading out energy data from the hardware of the product families SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS and SIRIUS.

You can use the SIMATIC Energy Suite to acquire and archive energy data of all sorts of different measuring and automation devices.
Among others, devices from the product families SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS and SIRIUS are supported with the aid of the Energy Support Library (EnSL). For these devices the Energy Support Library is a free extension of the SIMATIC Energy Suite and in the Engineering it simplifies configuration for data exchange between controller and energy measuring components. Data exchange with the devices supported by the Energy Support Library is possible only via PROFINET.
Download Energy Support Library (EnSL)109741558

Below we list both the energy measuring components with their associated firmware versions as supported by the Energy Support Library V1.0 and the higher-level systems.

Energy-measuring components


  • Energy Meter 480VAC ST, V4.0 and higher
  • ET 200SP Motor Starter, V1.0 and higher
    Fail-safe ET 200SP motor starters are not supported by the SIMATIC Energy Suite V14 SP1.


  • PAC3200, V2.3.5 and higher
  • PAC4200, V1.5.4 and higher
  • COM100 / COM800, V3.1 and higher

  • 7KM PAC SWITCHED ETHERNET, V2.1 and higher

The PAC3200/PAC4200 and the 3VA are integrated via GSDML-V2.3-Siemens-SENTRON-20150421.xml and GSDML-V2.3-Siemens-3VA-20150421.xml.

Only 3VA is supported with the 8-series ETUs.


  • SIMOCODE pro V PN, V1.1.0 and higher
  • M200D Motor Starter, V1.0 and higher
  • 3RW44 Soft Starter, V1.11 and higher
  • 3RW55 Soft Starter, V2.01 and higher


  • All SINAMICS G and SINAMICS S single-axis devices with firmware version V4.7 and higher

This applies for:

- SINAMICS G110M, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G115D, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G120, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G120C, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G120D, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G120P, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G130, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS G150, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS MV, V4.7 and higher
- SINAMICS S150, V4.7 and higher

The following GSDML files are supported by the SINAMICS blocks:

- GSDML-V2.31-SIEMENS-SINAMICS_G130G150-20140313.XML

Higher-level systems
The SIMATIC Energy Suite can be fully connected to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO.
SIMATIC Energy Suite

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