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Why can you no longer operate the buttons of a WinCC TIA project after upgrading from V13 to SP1?

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Buttons that are covered by transparent objects (rectangles, for example) can no longer be operated after upgrading to V13 SP1, neither on the panel nor in the simulation. You can operate the buttons again by setting them before the transparent objects in the object hierarchy.

After upgrading the TIA Portal from V13 to V13 SP1, it might happen with Basic Panels 2nd Generation, Comfort Panels and the WinCC Advanced Runtime that buttons that are covered by transparent screen objects no longer react to inputs although you could still operate them in V13. The behavior occurs both on the device and in the simulation.

This is due to an optimized prioritization of the screen objects in an HMI screen since V13 SP1. Whereas previously a button that was on the same level as another object was always prioritized, now the order is no longer defined.

In order to be able to operate the button again, you shift it in front of the transparent object in the object hierarchy. You can do this in different ways:

  • Mark the button and in the toolbar you select the button "Move marked objects to foreground",

    Fig. 01
  • Mark the button and in the pop-up menu you select the command "Order -> Upmost" or "Order -> One to forefront", or
  • In the "Layout" task card you open the "Levels" palette and move the button so that it is on top of the transparent object.
The button can now be operated again correctly.

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